running crazy

Several years ago Chad had a coworker named Andres, from El Salvador. His English was decent but he often used funny expressions. One of the comical things he said was, "I'm running crazy!" instead of "I'm really busy." For the past few years Chad and I have continued using this expression. When we are super stressed Andres' expression seems to express our feelings more accurately than saying the normal, "I'm really busy...."

All that to say, I AM RUNNING CRAZY!

Yesterday I accepted a freelance job that is insanely ambitious. I've never done this much work in such a short amount of time. I was having a relaxing and peaceful day. The girls were occupying themselves and I was painting some artwork at the kitchen table. Third Day's Blessed Assurance was on the radio. (Another favorite of mine.) The day was easy, peaceful, lovely. Then I checked my email, read the freelance opportunity, and accepted it.

In an instant my happy day was demolished. Anxiety oozed from every pore. I snapped the radio off, mid hymn. I paced the house with my thoughts darting off the walls and floor like a pin ball. The rest of the day was a internal battle for calm. I decided to have a fun day with the girls since I'll be working nonstop for the next eight days. We put on our swimsuits and got in the blistering hot car to go to the pool. As we backed out of the driveway I suggested we pray for a good outing together. Melody said she would pray.... it went something like this, "Lord help us have a good time today. Help me obey Mommy and cooperate. Please don't let anything horrible happen."

Forty-five minutes later we arrived at the Aquatic Center to discover a vacant parking lot and an empty pool. I eyed the girls cautiously as I told them the pool was closed. They both handled it beautifully, and I immediately realized Melody's prayer was answered. We ended up doing some shopping and I bought Melody her first Princess Collection item. (Three pack of glittery lip gloss.) I've been holding off on Princess items because I don't care for paying three times as much for a ball because it has an ugly Cinderella sticker on it. I usually control the situation by presenting her with two options... "Do you want this Eric Carle book or this polka dot ball?" Yesterday she decided that SHE would pick out a toy by herself. She found the lip gloss and freaked out saying, THIS IS SO COOL. THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I sighed and said okay. Then I spied a Hello Kitty lip gloss set. I have always had a soft place in my heart for Hello Kitty, so I showed it to her to see if she'd rather have that one. "The Princess Collection is better." she said.

We ended up having a fun outing. Her prayer was answered. Now I will ask Melody to pray for me as I start the freelance project.


Gow_spot said...

you my dear, are a phenom. mom.

you are inspirational dear kotter.

and thanks for taking the time to blog...

praying for you as you are runnin' crazy.... and hope you don't have any pipes that will break in the "wiener".
ha- can i put that on your blog?

bekah said...

Hahahahaha. I forgot about that. EW.

Laurel said...

I'll join Mel in praying. Will your MIL or SIL be coming down after all?

bekah said...

Laurel, it looks like my MIL is coming on Friday afternoon for about four days. WAHOOOO!!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck on your freelance project. I want to hear all about it! But don't stress, tell us when you're done.

sara said...

I haven't done any in Amy Butler fabric but I love that fabric! I've been eyeing some to buy on etsy. Maybe I'll have to get some done up for the fall craft fair. :)

I understand your stress with the free lance. I have a big order for a boutique due ASAP and my stress level is out my ears!! :)