Leah asked Jesus to live in her heart...

Two nights ago I sang There Is A Redeemer to the girls at bedtime. It is a standby, the girls know it and sing along. I love Keith Green songs. After singing it I asked Melody,

'Do you ever sing that song at recess...'

She replied, 'no.'

She has told me about singing other songs at recess like, 'If you like it than you should've put a ring on it....' I told her if she wanted to sing songs like There Is A Redeemer at recess, it would let people know she is a Christian.

At this point Leah asked, 'Am I a Christian...'

I explained that when she asked Jesus into her heart and believed that He died on the cross to take away her sins, she would then be a christian. She shyly listened with the covers pulled up close to her chin. I asked her if she wanted to pray and she said maybe tomorrow at the dinner table, which is when she usually prays.

The next day at supper, she asked if she could pray before the meal. She bowed her head and said the following prayer...

Lord Jesus, please come live in my heart and take my sins away so that I can be a Christian and that we can spend the night at Pearson's house.

Chad, Melody and I were all beaming and laughing at the end of her prayer. She said, 'NOW I AM A CHRISTIAN.' She was overflowing with joy. It was awesome. We rode bikes to Maggie Moos to celebrate with cotton candy ice cream. This morning at breakfast she repeated. 'I am a Christian.' So sweet. Thank you Jesus for Your work on our kids.

Last Sunday at church Chad and I had a powerful time of tearful prayer for our kids. The very next day Leah inquired about giving her life to Jesus.

A funny side note.... Pearson is a four year old in our small group through church. They attend the same preschool and see each other five days a week now between school, small group and church. It is so cute to see our kids grow in their relationships with the kids at small group. This weekly time is one of their favorites things each week. We are blessed.