Finally! Some pictures of my new hair. I got it cut about two weeks ago. I love the change. I tend to wait a long long long time between style changes. This haircut was long overdue. I mentioned to Chad that I might get it cut and when he speedily responded favorably I realized I had waited too long. (He doesn't tend to respond speedily to anything unless it's a comment about how low our electricity bill is this month.)

My friend Stephanie highlighted it for me last night. I went to her house with $6 highlighting product, a 4-pack of mini merlots, and my two girls. We ate cheese, crackers and salted tomatoes for supper and the kids watched The Jungle Book while she did my hair. It was great to hang out and give the girls a chance to play with her daughter Claire. (We missed you Ellen!)

And here is my attempt to show the back. This shot took about 20 attempts and now I have a neck ache.


Kelli said...

Adorable! I really love it!

Stephanie said...

The highlights look awesome if I do say so myself!
You look great!

bekah said...

Thanks guys. I should have my hair done more often!