our 4th of july

We went to Granbury, Texas for the 4th of July this year. My grandma Kotter is turning 90 this summer, so we made the holiday into a family reunion. My brother and I made the 7 hour trip together in his non-airconditioned car. I didn't mind because it was my first time in three years to go on a road trip without kids. I enjoyed every minute of the hot day. I didn't turn around to face the back seat one time. I ordered my own blizzard with the candy of my choice, Snickers. Christopher and I talked a lot and goofed off with the camera, taking a photo each hour. You can sorta see my new short hair peeking out from my hat.

This is our Grandma Evelyn Kotter. She is my dad's mom. She was excited about the family get together for months beforehand. You can see her excitement in this photo.

Lead had a great time in the water. The triple digit heat made the pool water feel great. See she did great. She was very at ease with Chad and by the end of the day she was riding on his back like a pro.

I love this photo. I love it when Leah makes this face with her lips. It looks like her Aunt Holly to me.

At one point, we all tried on these silly glasses. Enjoy...


cjoy said...

Great pictures...I LOVE your hat. SO you, especially with the sunglasses. I'm gald you had such a fabulous road trip sans-kiddos!

Gow_spot said...

ha- love the glasses!
and i absolutely love the joy on your grandma's face!

fun times in the pool too!

one of these days... we will share some fun times together!

miss you sweet friend.
and love you.

Lauren said...

Ha ha... the glasses pictures are too funny!! I love your family!

nikki said...

Hey, we have two pairs of those glasses in our office! I love when patients will try them on and start to laugh. It always makes me smile no matter how many times I've seen someone try them on.

Looks like a fun time.