The party went well. It was really nice. My coworkers served Bumble Bee Pie from a local diner; it's my favorite. They layed quilts on the floor and we ate picnic style. Their goal was to keep things low key. I appreciated this gesture a lot. People took turns saying nice things about me, but it didn't get too mushy or emotional. At the end they prayed for me and gave me a basket of cards from each of them. Surrounding the cards were two receiving blankets for the baby. (The first blankets I've gotten!) I have not read the notes yet. I'm waiting for a quiet time and place. They wished me well in my new job; I'm simply downstairs from them. I'm happy the party is behind me. Of course it wasn't anything to be anxious about, but that didn't stop me from fretting. I am worn out from a week of change, closure, and new things.

Happy Friday everyone!!

party nerves

This afternoon my old department is having a goodbye party for me. The company I work at is good at celebrating birthdays, babies, weddings, and goodbyes. The events usually involve lots of food, encouragement, and good things said about the person. I have been nervous about the party for two weeks. Usually I don't mind being the center of attention. For instance, my wedding day was super fun. Chad, on the other hand, hated having all those people looking at him. For some reason I'm apprehensive about this goodbye party. Hopefully my anxiety is unmerited. I will past again this afternoon to update on the outcome.


new office / sore bootie

I moved work areas yesterday. Instead of being in a secluded corner spot upstairs, I'm in a high traffic area downstairs. Also, I'm right by the exterior door everyone uses to enter and exit the building. My coworkers looked at me with sympathy when they heard where I was moving. The great thing is, I love the new area! There are a few reasons I'm not phased by the change. 1) Our whole department is moving to a new location soon, so this spot is temporary for me, and 2) I'm happy to FINALLY be doing my new job as a designer for Gift Products instead of Greeting Cards. The change is overdue and I'm elated to embrace it.

In order to move yesterday I had to lug outtles of magazines, books, trinkets, office junk, and personal item to my new spot. As I mentioned above, this move involved stairs. My bootie was already deathly sore from lunges in kickboxing on Monday. The 20+ trips up and down the stairs aggrivated the issue. I've been a maniac in kickboxing lately. I start thinking about Labor as we're doing round kick burns. I get energized. I kick harder and harder until the bag is almost falling over. I keep telling myself I'm preparing for a marathon. If I'm lucky maybe it'll end up being a sprint. Maybe...


back again

Well. I'm back again. I don't understand why I can't post regularly. Many things are happening in my life and I think about posting them everyday. Part of the reason is that I've been tired and sleepy lately. I am coming out of it though. I'm in my 11th week of pregnancy now. Two days ago the fog of sleepiness and ickiness lifted. I have newfound energy and I'm loving it.

I think we've decided on a boy's name. We both like Logan Hunter. (Hunter is a family name.) For a girl we're not quite decided. I like Melody. Chad likes Leah. Leah is nice enough, but I don't care for the circumstances surrounding her character in the bible. After all, who wants to be named after the girl who was second pick? I guess I've had enough days in my life of feeling like a wallflower; I want to spare my children of that as much as I can. Other girl names I like that Chad is not keen on are Lily & Rory.

We've started going to childbirth classes even though I'm still in my first trimester. The classes are The Bradley Method. It is a natural childbirth method. I'm apprehensive to tell people about this path we're on, for fear they will label me. Or saying something about medals. ("You won't get a medal for doing it without drugs.") I'm not sure why the idea of natural childbirth is appealing to me, but it is. I don't hesitate to take a tylenol if I have a headache, so the fact that I am contemplating doing labor without drugs is kind of odd, even to me. But there is something about it that appeals to me. We've found an instructor we're very comfortable with. She has 6 kids, her husband is a doctor, and she is really good at explaining things. I like the fact that she's not "anti-doctor" or "super-home-birth." We'll still use a regular doctor and have the baby in a hospital... I'm excited to learn about nutrition, exercise, breathing, and relaxation. It seems like stuff that will be useful for life; not merely pregnancy.

We're still in the process of buying land. The ball is in the seller's court right now. We're okay with that because we're saving money for a down payment anyway. After buying the land we'll start building a house as soon as possible. We've been looking at floor plans. I found one that is two story (about 1700 sq ft). It has two bedrooms downstairs and one upstairs as well as a loft. We may build something along these lines and only finish out the ground level for now. We could live in the two bedrooms and gradually finish the upstairs as we need the space. These decisions overwhelm me easily. Although it's a dream come true to own land, build a home, have a baby, etc.... it's a bit freaky to be experiencing it all in the same time frame.

I started my new job this week. I am officially in the Gifts Department. I am working on Christmas stickers right now. I love it! I love the new challenge and the new setup. My new work area isn't as nice -- no window -- but it's okay. I'll get a plant light bulb so my desk ivy doesn't suffer in the dark. If worst comes to worst I'll just take it home. The thought of a desk with no green life is sad though. I love my plants. They help counter the gray cubicle walls.

We got the new car a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. I never thought I'd end up with such a "cool" car. For those of you who don't already know, it's a white Subaru Outback. We bought it from Chad's grandpa. The only lame thing about it is the tiny gas tank. It holds just 10 gallons which means I have to get gas every 4 or 5 days. Other than that it is perfect!

I hope to use my new 2nd trimester energy to post entries more often. Sorry for the lull... thanks for reading.