Look what I made!

I made this! I am very excited about this new lamp. I bought the base and shade at a thrift store. The base was $2.50 and the shade was $3.99. Originally the base was brass and I spray painted it a plum color.


I used a glue gun to attach cloth napkins (!) over the original lampshade. Animal prints just aren't my thing. I bought a four pack of these cloth napkins at Target on clearance for about $5. They are Dwell Studio. So bright and graphic and happy.


I am excited about this project because I bought the lampshade today and then completed this project today! Typically I procrastinate. I tried not to worry about it being perfect. I had never done anything like this before. It was not hard at all. I used just two of the napkins, and I hope to make a matching-ish lamp in the weeks to come.