I am experiencing heartburn these days. The due date is less than six weeks away; the heartburn started about two weeks ago. I've never experienced anything like it. No wonder there is a whole aisle dedicated to antacids and over-the-counter drugs for sufferers of heartburn. It is horrible!!

It usually hits me in the afternoon and crescendos into full blown torture by the time I try to fall asleep at night. I've tried avoiding carbonation, walking, eating small meals, and drinking water. Sometimes these things seem to help and other times they make no difference. Every once in awhile I'll have a heartburn-free day and I cannot figure out the reason. I hope this pregnancy symptom goes away as soon as the baby is born!

If anyone know of tricks to calm the pressure in my upper chest, let me know! So far I've been using Tums every now and then. They help a little.



We had a good Thanksgiving trip. The first two days were spent with my mom's side of the family. Each year they rent a church camp. The females and babies get one of the bunk bed rooms and the men/boys get another. We each bring the makings for our favorite side dish and aunt Julie makes the turkey. There is an annual football game between cousins, uncles, and spouses. We also had a ping-pong tournament which Chad won.

My cousin Amy and I got along for the first time in our lives. She is four years older than me. In previous years there has always been tension between us. It was never addressed, but always present. This time we clicked and chatted amiably. She has two young kids. I think the fact that I'm about to become a mother is the reason we clicked. For the first time we have something in common. She shared well-received advice, funny stories, and mother wisdom. Our pleasant time together was a long time coming and I am happy about it. Grandma would be happy too.

The second half of the trip was spent with my Uncle Jerry; my dad's brother. Uncle Jerry has always been a family favorite. Everyone loves him. He is easy going, nonjudgemental, and lots of fun. Jerry, dad, brother, and Chad played lots of poker. We ate gobs of blue bell ice cream (cookies and cream), had large/late breakfasts, watched satelite television, and didn't leave the house for two full days. It was relaxing.

Uncle Jerry and I reminisced about the days when I was a little girl. He'd visit us in Fort Worth and give me a quarter. We'd walk to the corner 7-11 gas station so I could spent the money. He says it took me a long time to decide what to buy. He patiently waited while my little mind worked through the vast candy choices. Good ole Uncle Jerry.


that time of year

I've been in the mood to decorate for Christmas for the past week. I lugged 4 rubbermaid containers from the garage into the living room. They are full of lights, ornaments, candle holders, tree accessories, and trinkets. I arranged a group of white candles on our mantle. They are leftover from our wedding. (Which was four years ago!) Each evening I light them and enjoy the glowy light. I've started playing Christmas music and drinking hot tea with lots of honey.

Earlier in the pregnancy I didn't know if I'd be excited for the holidays this year. I thought it might be better to skip them. As the days got shorter and holiday baking items appeared on store shelves I found myself excited for the holiday season again. I love this time of year.

Part of me hopes little Melody is born this year. I want to put her in a soft red velvet stocking and take her picture!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up for her to arrive early though. Many first time pregnancies go past the due date. I don't want to flip out when January 9th comes and goes and I am lumbering around, as big as a house, putting away Christmas decorations.


all mixed up

We have seven weeks until the baby is due. I am a ball of excitement, stress, emotion, joy, stife, tears, laughter, on and on. A couple nights ago Chad and I were hanging out with three close friends. We were having a low-key happy time together. Something funny was said and I started laughing. Soon tears were filling my eyes and before I knew it I wasn't laughing anymore. Instead I was crying. Chad and our friends exchanged confused looks. I buried my face in a couch pillow and tried to regain my composure. It took awhile. I felt like a toddler who had missed her nap. Everything was simply too much for me. Soon after the emotional outburst, I assured my friends that I was okay and headed home to go to bed early. I wish I had made my exit thirty minutes before. Thankfully I have very cool friends and we will laugh about the incident in the future.


long awaited bowl

Over a year ago I posted an entry about a blue bowl. (See September 2003 posts.) I broke a favorite antique family bowl. Since the incident I've been scanning shelves at flea markets looking for a replacement. No luck. Today I arrived at work to find a wrapped gift sitting in front of the keyboard on my desk. The card said, "to Rebecca." This baffled me because my name is spelled "Rebekah." I assumed it was a baby gift, but could not figure out who would give me a gift yet not know the spelling of my name.

I opened the card and glanced at the name at the bottom of the note. It was from a girl that I barely know!!! She is a friend of a friend, a slight acquaintance. She's one of those people who I knew of, but I was not sure if she even knew who I was. I guess she knows me, too! Her note said that she reads my blog from time to time. She remembered my blue bowl story so when she found the small blue bowl at a flea market she bought it for me!!!!

I am a gift person. I love buying gifts for people. Rarely do I receive something so perfect as this morning -- this aquaintance must be made of the same gift/giving/receiving material of which I'm made. I felt a kindred spark as I read her note and tore the yellow pokka dot paper from the worn blue bowl. It was a wonderful way to start a Friday morning.

T H A N K Y O U H E I D I ! ! !