poop drama

For two days Melody was afraid to poop. She would sit on the toilet and say things like,

The poop is going to hurt me.
I very want to wait.
I will go later.
I will go when I am four.

Poor girl! We trying everything... singing, laughing, stories. She even said, "Mommy will you pray that my poop won't hurt?" The next day the girls were in the tub. Melody jumped up. I HAVE TO POOP! She held on tight to the toilet so her slippery body wouldn't fall in. I rubbed her legs and said, "Try to relax sweetie. You can do it. It will be over soon. I know how you feel." It was like having a baby.

Soon she was finished. The offending object was indeed massive. Poor little girl. (She was proud of it though.) Then she said excitedly. IT DIDN'T EVEN HURT! GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYER. This has been happening a lot lately in her life. We pray about bandaids coming off without pain, bug bites to shop itching, and the like. It's fun to see her realize that Jesus cares about the details of her life.

About 90 seconds after Melody hopped back into the tub, Leah squatted down and pooped into the bath water. I guess she didn't want to be left out of the poop drama.


Laurel said...

That's great that you're teaching her that God is involved in all aspects of our life. If our kids learn that alone, I think we'll be doing good. :)

Sunny said...

Oh, that is too funny! The little ones always have to keep up with their older sibs! And it is the most wonderful thing in the world to hear your kiddos talk about God and gain understanding when they're still so little. Keep it up, you're doing good things.