the aftermath of melody's bad hair day

Here are some photos of Melody's haircut after her scissor experiment. The first one is a mug shot taken before bedtime the day of the whole incident. The second was taken a few days later at Vance and Harmony's wedding reception. I'm slowly getting used to it.


melody's bad hair day

Today is a day I won't forget. I was doing my own thing this morning... taking a shower, etc. The girls were watching a DVD, like they usually do each morning when I take a shower. I walked into the living room where they were and noticed a big chunk of Mel's hair on the couch. I looked at her with a startled expression and said, "DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!???" Her response was nonchalant, "Yeah, I wanted a short cut. I tried to get it everywhere." She succeeded at both of these. Her short cut was like a mullet on one side of her face. As Ellen pointed out later, the short cut was also very emo. A pair of skinny jeans and some skull art on her shoes would have finished the look nicely. (What's up the all the skulls?! Any other moms creeped out by this?)

We headed to Walmart for a haircut. Melody seemed pleased with herself. She is always vying for control of our days. Today she won. We were going to stay home all day working on the house and laundry. I'll post pictures of the new do tomorrow...



We had our homestudy on Monday. This is a big step in the adoption process. A social worker came to our house for three and a half hours. We sat in the clean living room with water, coffee and a muffin each. It was like a combination of job interview and counseling session. We were asked about our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a couple. Other questions were, "How do you cope with stress?" "How do you discipline your kids and why?" "How will you deal with racism that may be directed at your children?" Heavy duty stuff.

At the end of the homestudy, the social worker toured the house. Each room was tidy for this reason. Usually when I host something, the main sections of the house look great but one or two of the bedrooms take the brunt of the junk. Preparing for someone to see the every room is a challenge for a person like me. I am slowly working toward a place for every thing and every thing has a place. (We sang a horrible song with those words when I was growing up.... maybe that's why I have a problem with this concept?)

Now that the homestudy is behind us, I'm back on the paperwork fast track. It might sound crazy, but I'm looking forward to the just waiting part of the process. Once we finish this paperwork, the steps after that involve a lot of waiting. During the waiting I hope to read about Ethiopia and attachment, continue with freelance, and enjoy 2009!