girls night out

Last night I went to see the Sex in the City movie with two girlfriends. It was opening night, something I've never experience before. We bought our tickets earlier in the day and then went to the last showing at 10:30pm. It was a long movie, so I didn't get home until 2:00am! I have not stayed up that late in ages.

This morning I've been thinking about the movie and trying to decide if I liked it or not. I discovered the HBO show, Sex in the City, after Melody was born. I was a new stay at home mom, struggling with postpartum depression. The show was an escape for me. I liken it to eating lots of Ben & Jerry's ice cream... not necessarily good for me, but fun. I loved the city aspect of the stories. I enjoyed watching Carrie's addiction to shoes, even though I've never owned a pair of heels. In fact, I might have been the only person in the theater last night wearing flipflops. I've never seen so many women trying to be trendy. Me? I had on a pair of Gap bermuda shorts and a Target t-shirt. I ate berry flavored chewy lifesavers as I dreamed of being as skinny as the movie stars.

The movie's story was not as smart or funny as the show. Also, Big's character was not true to show. Maybe he had a change of heart in the past four years. To me, he was annoying and noncommittal in the show. In the movie he was sweet and doting. I felt like Charlotte didn't have much of a place in the story. Her adopted Chinese daughter was a cute subplot, but it annoyed me that she was present during a lot of the dialog scenes with the four friends. Samatha's story was boring. Miranda was true to the old show, and I liked the interaction between her and Carrie the most. The Valentine's Day restaurant scene was one of my favorites. I also like the scene when Carrie hit Big with her bouquet of flowers in the middle of the street.

It was a fun movie to see on the big screen, but the story line was not a strong as the episodes from HBO.


house pictures

I have decided to share some photos of my house. I love it when people post their house pictures; especially when they are people who I have never visited. A person's home can tell a lot about who they are. One of my ongoing goals in life is to make my home a place I enjoy to be. It is a slow process. I buy most of my stuff cheap cheap cheap. We rarely purchase new things. I love garage sales. Stores that inspire me are Restoration Hardware, Pier 1 Imports, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn Kids, and Land of Nod. I also enjoy the following magazines - Real Simple, Cottage Living, Domino and Blueprint. I am not one to adhere to a certain style. I've always enjoyed bright colors. From an early age I had a vision of using neutral pieces of furniture and accenting with bright bold colors. I remember laying in bed at night (in junior high) and dreaming of a room/house with these ingredients. It boggles my mind that I am seeing the fruition of those thoughts now at age 31. Here are a the main living areas of my house:


romantic at three

The other day Chad noticed Melody staring up at our wedding pictures in the entry way. The following conversation occurred:

Chad: "Do you know who that is?"

Melody: "I don't know."

Chad: "That is your mommy. She has on a pretty dress. All these pictures are of our wedding, when we got married."

Melody: "She looks pretty. I wish I could have got married."

And so it begins.

[Also said by Melody, at the end of Cinderella: "Aww, Cinderella found her daddy (the prince)."]


days of old

Lately I've been organizing the desk in the playroom/office. Today I happened upon a journal of inspirational clippings kept during my time at DaySpring as a greeting card designer. I sat on the primary colored puzzle mats and began flipping pages. Career memories flooded my mind. I recalled research trips with talented coworkers. We'd travel to big cities and spend 10 hours a day on our feet, browsing the best paper shops, card shops, gift shops, and inspiring destinations. Once we went to the Dallas Botanical Gardens and spent the afternoon comparing color schemes found in nature. Following these outings we would collapse at a restaurant and discuss our findings. We'd explore ways of bringing the creativity to our card designs. Those trips were heaven.

As I flipped through the pages of the creative journal I found some artwork that caught my eye. Then I saw my name next to it. It was something I had created myself! I didn't remember making it; I'm so glad I jotted my name down as I worked. I thought to myself, "Wow. I did that?" It felt really good.

These work events occurred about four, five & six years ago. Among the clippings was a loose piece of paper. It was a letter I wrote to a friend from college. (I'm notorious for writing letters and never sending them. Sorry, friends.) In the letter I reminisced about our college years. There I was in the midst of a creative fun job, and I was thinking the time four years before. Part of the letter read:

Oh Lord, you're beautiful.
Your face is all I seek.
For when your eyes are on this child.
Your grace abounds to me.

I'm listening to these words right now. They bring back a flood of feelings and memories from JBU chapel days. Back when my heart was full of longing for Jesus. I remember the Dry Gultch fall retreats; pastor Keena speaking about "doing what we're created to do;" singing hymns in the back of the cathedral, surrounded by others' voices so full of passion and force; leaving that big building with a burning deep inside my chest; longing for more of Jesus, to love Him so strong forever.

It's really too much for me to express; how much those days meant to me. It was like I was in the desert every day of my life until John Brown University. And there I found the water that made me blossom and grow. My time at JBU was the highlight of my life. There was so much new hope. I wouldn't trade it ever.

Today's discovery of my JBU letter and my DaySpring journal was a pleasant reminder. I'm thankful for both of these experiences. They shaped me into the person I've become.


happy mothers day to me

We left the local, artsy, quality, hip, unique restaurant with full bellies and happy kids. We strolled the few blocks to the car, passing flowers, homes, library, rock walls, and lots of people. The sun and wind warmed and cooled us simultaneously. Chad and I chatted happily as each of us buckled a child into her carseat. A few streets later we sat at a red light, all four of us quiet. Several things swirled through my head...

"Those were such great blueberry pancakes."
"I wonder how many creamers we used?"
"The girls were so good."
"I wonder what Laura is doing for her first Mothers Day."
"We can't forget to call our moms and grandmas today."

I remained silent and enjoyed the moment as it was. I soaked up the perfectness of the Sunday morning, my special day with my sweet family.


dirty play

A few days ago the girls and I came home from a long string of errands, one being grocery shopping. The girls were happy to run around in the yard while I unloaded the car. They continued to play while I put the groceries away in the kitchen. Ten minutes later I came outside to find a sullen Leah covered in black potting soil. Melody was full of shrieking glee, jumping around like a caffeinated cricket. She gets that way when she is doing something unruly to her sister. I told her dirt time was over and she instantly dissolved into sobs (thus the last photo.)


mothers day project

Yesterday I made a Mother's Day project for my mom, MIL, grandmas, and aunt. I was excited about showing them off until I saw the horrible photos I took. I apologize for such ugly, blurry, sad photos. I need to make myself read the manual on my newish camera. (Canon Powershot SD750 Elph -- any tips are welcome). I'm new to digital photography and definitely need some lessons.

The project was super fun for me to work on, until I ran out of scrapbooking paper. I made a trip to Walmart and bought a packet of paper to use for Leah's photos. I got home, opened the package of paper, and all my momentum and excitement for the project swirled down the drain. The paper was cheap and boring and Leah's little picture frames look lifeless next to Melody's. I would have made the 30 minute drive to the nearest Hobby Lobby if gas wasn't so expensive.

My friend Kelli came up this craft for Christmas ornaments. Each year I eagerly await her mail to see what Christmas card extraordinaire she has made by hand. Her framed family photo ornament outshines these that I made. She is more of craftsman than me.


some more spunky

Leah has a lot of spunk. Her little personality might have more spunk then Melody. Leah has lots of characteristics of my personality. She is more extreme than Melody. Have you ever met someone who was strong and feisty and sensitive at the same time? That is Leah and me. In junior high my friend's mom said to me, "Rebekah, you can dish it out but you can't take it." The comment hit me like a slap in the face. (Proving her point exactly.) I've never forgotten those words. They are so true. I have a feeling I'll be teaching Leah the same lesson someday. For now, we can enjoy the crazy face above. I always laugh when she puts her top teeth behind the bottom ones.


spunky necklace

I've been wanting to show everyone this photo for days. I took this picture in the middle of our spunky spell with Melody. She and I spent the morning making her new rainbow necklace. The outfit was not planned. Obviously. She demanded a dress but it was a cold day, so we compromised. She is such a hoot sometimes.



Check out my new flickr photos!

(I'm feeling much better after five days of Claritin and three nights of Tylenol PM.)



Yesterday morning I woke up feeling terrible. Lightheaded, weak, exhausted, and achy. A sore throat developed as the day wore on. I spent the day trying to take it easy, which is challenging with two little ones. Melody and I napped together while Leah napped in her crib. I love napping with Melody. Her three year old body is so much bigger than the weightless newborn who used to sleep on my chest/tummy in the wee hours of the morning.

Tylenol helped me get through the day.

Last night I was worse, and this morning I thought I had strep throat. My ongoing challenge of deciding if I should go to the doctor or not began. Growing up my mom was the type to wait thing out. We were all pretty healthy so this approach worked well. Once in high school I suffered with the flu for a full seven days before we finally went to the doctor. I had bronchitis. (My first time.) A rumor started at school that "Rebekah Kotter's family doesn't believe in doctors."


Back to today's happenings...

I decided to go to the doctor because it is Friday and I didn't want to suffer with worsening strep throat the the whole weekend. I loaded the girls up and we made the 35 minute drive to Fayetteville. (I could go to Siloam which is closer, but I prefer a Fayetteville group of doctors.) On the way there I responded to Melody's comments with a low, slow voice because I was really weak. I was lamenting the days when Chad was unemployed and able to help out with parental duties during the day.

We did the whole wait-for-the doctor in both waiting rooms thing. They did a strep test. Negative. I have the beginnings of a viral infection caused by allergies. (It makes sense because we spend the first three days of this week outside at the park and farmers market and I was not taking my claritin.)

$93 later we drove home, me still talking in my slow tired voice. Melody and Leah did great and once we got home, we all crashed for naps together. I'm watching the clock for the moment Chad will arrive home after a long two days.