first grade conversations

Melody came home today and said,

At recess today there was a girl just sitting in the rocks. I went over to her and said, "Don't you want to play on the playground?" The girl replied, "Yeah, but I don't have a friend." And Mel said, "Well we can be friends." So we walked over the the playground and then she just found another friend and didn't play with me!!

She called PE, PG.

She called the PE teachers, Gym Owners.

The teachers mouth is continually "on" so Melody hasn't had a chance to ask any of her questions because her mouth is always, "off."

She is cracking me up!!!


first day of school

Today was Melody's first day of 1st grade. Since we homeschooled last year this was our first time to drop her off at school. We had a fun time getting ready for the big day. Her outfit is one of my all time favorites; purchased at Rhea Lana Consignment sale.

Sister shot. Leah being her silly goofy self, first thing in the morning.

Pretty nails! I attempted to paint flowers on her finger nails. Need more practice. She was like, "Paint rainbows! A sun! Tulip!"

Cutest toes in the world.

Favorite photo of the day. The school is in the background. It's a lovely facility, only a couple of years old. I'm so glad Chad was able to be part of our morning. The general feel of the school was excited, happy, welcoming, lots of smiles. Lots of families, babies, younger siblings, etc. I met one mom who had a mug of coffee in her hand through the whole ordeal. It was her fourth kid, not first.

The day was super long for me. I felt like Melody was away for a week instead of eight hours. I kept looking at the clock, thinking about her. Leah, Logan and I had a low key day at home. Leah was content and didn't seem bothered by the absence of Melody. I waited for 30 minutes in the pick up line at 3:00. As I approached the school, I could see Melody sitting with all of the other kids. When it was her turn, the lady with the mega phone yelled, MELANIE MATHIS!?, right in front of her. She climbed into the van, saying, "It was HORRIBLE. The whole day was HORRIBLE."

She proceeded to tell me all the of reasons it was so bad. She had to sit at the end of the table at lunch and there was a bar where her feet where suppose to be, so she had to sit criss-cross-applesauce. At recess she didn't get a turn on the swings and there were all of these rules about how to slide and waiting your turn. (Haha!) One funny thing she said was, "My teacher said that when her mouth is on, our mouthes have to be off, but her mouth was on the whole day! She never gave any of us a turn!"

By the end of the day, she had filled us in on many good, fun things about the day. Her teacher read three books to them. One was a "chapter book" and her teacher did the voice for a little girl. Another was a Kevin Henkes book, Chrysanthemum, one of our favorites. After that book they got to do a piece of artwork that had their absolutely perfect name on it. As she got into the van she was holding her backpack in front of her, unzipped. I said, "It would be easier to carry that if you zipped it up." She replied, "I know. I didn't have time because they kept saying, 'Hurry up!' "

I think she will do fine in her class this year. I think today was just crazy and overwhelming because it was the first day. I'm hopeful. Part of me feels like saying, "See! A couple of hours of homeschooling a day is a breeze!"