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I love candy. When I was little my mom was a health nut. Daily doses of homemade yogurt, granola, beans/rice, barley green, wheat germ, and whole wheat were common. I didn't taste coca-cola until I was five years old. (My mom has suffered with chronic fatique since she was 11 years old. Her health nut phase was an attempt to improve her health. It didn't work.) As I got older she relaxed about the heath food stuff. We'd grab McDonalds after school on her tired days. (She also has hypoglacimea?, so she has to eat often.) Other times while shopping she'd have a coke for extra energy. Our shopping experiences usually consisted of her sitting on a bench in the walkway of the mall while I held items up in the doorway of the store to get her opinions. I would always carry her purse to conserve her energy. 95% of the time we had to head home long before I was ready to go.

Back to my love for candy... now that I'm an adult, there are no rules. I can eat as much candy as I want. This is a bad thing. I overdo it often. I love starburst, skittles, shocktarts, sweettarts, sour patch, chewy sprees. Wow! I never realized they all begin with the letter 'S'. Sometimes I eat so much of this stuff that the sour stuff makes my tongue raw. (I forgot to mention sour skittles. If you haven't tried them, go buy a pack.)

I wonder if being deprived of candy as a kid has made me go overboard with candy as an adult. The weird thing is, because of the way I was raised, I feel like I have a lot of knowledge about health, vitamins, organic food, etc. Do I pay attention to this knowledge though? NOOOOO. I just keep eating candy.

(Thanks to my gift-giving coworker who gave me a POUND of skittles for my b-day! Red is my favorite flavor.)


My birthday was a couple days ago. (I'm 27)
The night before my big day I tossed and turned all night long. I was full of nervous excited energy. At about 4:30am I thought to myself, "This is silly. I'm an adult. I'm not suppose to loose sleep over birthdays anymore." These thoughts didn't keep my from waking every thirty minutes until the alarm went off at 6:30. I think the sleeplessness was a combination of things. One, excitement for my birthday. Two, dread and panic and fear that it would turn be a lame one.

I arrived at work to find my cubicle decorated with streamers and balloons. There were several cards scattered around my keyboard. I smiled, feeling happy. The day turned out to be a good one. My coworkers took me to lunch, I received a steady stream of cards throughout the day, and after work my husband, Chad, and I went to dinner and a movie. We rarely do dinner and a movie at the same time. We ate spicy Cajun food and saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Both were a success. After the movie he gave me a card. It turns out he got the same card he gave me for Valentines Day! The only difference was the caption. I laughed at the irony. You see, I work as a designer at a greeting card company. I think about images, copy, art elements, and captions all day long. I was not mad. I chose to laugh at the coincidence. (One can hardly be mad about a card that has two adorable cats on the cover.)

To end the birthday date, Chad gave me a cigar. And not just any cigar.... a Cohiba. I love these. They are mild and smooth and yummy. We have been smoking cigars for about 2 years now. It is a fun hobby we enjoy together. I usually smoke the miniature ones while Chad goes for the Churchills. We smoke them on our porch, at the drive in, at our favorite coffeehouse/bar, or while camping. This birthday Cohiba that Chad got for me is a big one. It's a MAN cigar. I'm super excited about it. I told Chad as we went to sleep, "The only gift that would have been better than the cigar is if you had said, 'Let's have a baby!' " He smiled and sleepily mummbled something about getting me another cigar.

It was a good day.