crazy hair & big cookies

Last Friday at our weekly playgroup we celebrated Gillian's 2nd birthday. Gilly's mom, Kristin, is the queen of birthday fun. She did a m&m theme for the party. The kids were sent home with a bag o goodies including these amazingly huge m&m cookies on a stick. Melody asked to eat her cookie 1000 times that day. I repeatedly said, "No, you can have it tomorrow...."

The next morning she ran from her room, still half asleep, and said, CAN I HAVE MY COOKIE NOW? Immediately after breakfast the girls sat happily in front of a movie and ate their treats.

Thanks Kristin!


wait listed!

We are officially on The Gladney Wait List for a baby boy!

We were put on the list on March 18. The average wait for a referral right now is 6.5 months. This means we might get matched to a baby around October 1. (We won't travel for another few months after that.)

I woke up on Thursday morning with great peace in my heart. I laid awake for a hour, soaking in thoughts of the adoption. I am in awe of what God is doing. I have been drawn to adoption and in love with orphans for a long long time, but the fact that we're actually doing this is amazing to me. Thursday morning's hour of reflection was about wrapping my thoughts around the fact that adoption is really happening for us. I feel blessed and elated, just like I did when we were pregnant with Melody and Leah. It truly is God's doing, not ours.

Thanks be to God.


a good read

Yesterday I received a book in our mailbox. (It has been a good mail week... first our CIS Approval and then a book!) A few days ago I ordered this book. It is written by Josh and Amy Bottomly who are famous in the Ethiopian Blog Adoption World.

Late last night, when the house was finally quiet, I curled up in the leather chair by the fire and began reading From Ashes To Africa. Every 15 pages or so I'd peak at the clock and tell myself, "Go to bed!" I kept reading. Finally at 1:15am I reluctantly set the bright book on the side table. I finished the book today during nap time.

I like this story because it deals with relevant stuff. The ups and downs of marriage. The pain and confusion of infertility. The vast difference between the United States and Africa. The bond of Christians across the globe. The beauty of children. The gritty truths of poverty. The pages trade voices between Josh and Amy. It is neat to see their individual sides of the story. Josh and Amy are honest and funny in their story telling.

Above all, I love the end of this book. If only every story could end with such a wonderful conclusion.


said by melody...

Tonight I was standing at the stove heating up soup for dinner.
Mel was at the nearby table coloring. Out of nowhere she said,

"I'm just a looser."

I nonchalantly replied, "Why do you say that?"
Worried mommy-thoughts swirled in my head.

Mel said, "Because I loose things."


CIS Approval!

Today we received our CIS Approval (Citizenship and Immigration Services)! This marks the end of our adoption paperwork process, one of the biggest undertakings of my life so far.

funny moment

Today Melody and Leah were playing in the other room. I heard Mel ask Leah to get something for her. Mel explained where it was, "Leah, it's by the pink thing.... right there.... no not that.... in the middle.... do you see it?" They went on and on like that for about five minutes! Mel never got frustrated. Then they started this:

Leah: "Dat?" (that)
Mel: "No."
Leah: "Dat?"
Mel: "No."
Leah: "Dat?"
Mel: "No."
Leah: "Dat?"
Mel: "No."
Leah: "Dat?"
Mel: "No."
Leah: "Dat?"
Mel: "No."

They probably did this 55 times.
Then I heard,

Leah, "Dat?
Mel, "YES!!! Good job! Leah you are good at learning things."


leah's funny faces

Leah is a funny girl. Recently I have captured some faces that give a peak into her quirky personality. She has a subtle nature about her that sneaks out when she is feeling feisty.

This pucker thing is her newest face. She makes this face when she is in trouble. I'll say her name with a strong, low, serious tone. The next thing I know, she is tilting her head and sticking her lips out as far as they can go. It is really difficult to keep a straight face and follow through with consistency blah, blah, blah.

I call this one her quirky Mona Lisa smile. I wonder what she is thinking.

The girls have always enjoyed bubble baths. Recently we took bubble baths to a new level by using our jacuzzi tub. Once the water/bubbles are above the jets we turn them on and Voila! there are a million trillion bubbles. We got a little carried away...

Everything is great fun until mommy starts laughing at you too much. I think it hurt her feelings. I understand though.... she is just like me. Feisty and sensitive; not an easy combo. Poor baby.