six weeks waiting

Today marks 6 weeks of being on the wait list. It's still flying by. I think about our little babe nonstop. He is already part of our family even though we haven't met him yet. Chad and I pray for him often. If we're matched with a baby older than 12 months we could get a referral as soon as July. If he is little bitty it could be closer to October/November. Either way is really fine with us; we're confident that God has just the right baby chosen for our family. His age and when we get him is part of God's plan too.


ice cream

Every other week Chad and I help teach Mel's class at church. Today I cut out shapes of food items for tomorrow's craft. The lesson is about God's provision during famine, so we are going to glue food items to paper plates. One food item is ice cream cones. Leah liked them so I gave her one to play with. She instantly started licking the paper and saying "Mmmmm."


two weeks of waiting

We've been on the wait list for two weeks now. If the weeks fly by this quickly, we'll have our referral in no time. I assume time will begin to crawl when we near the end of summer. I already think of our boy all of the time. Sometimes the thoughts of him make me smile or laugh. Other times I tear up instantly. I wonder about his circumstances and pray for him. He may or may not be born. Either way, God knows this little person who is meant to be part of our family. I'm thankful to be able to trust in the Lord during the wait.

Another fun fact about waiting...
We are no longer at the very bottom of the unofficial wait list, which I've been stalking regularly since March 18th.