11 months later

It's been almost a year since I wrote anything here. 2010 was a difficult year, but a blessed one.

We had a baby boy! Logan Ralph Mathis was born on May 8, 2010. We had him at home. It was a faster labor than the others, but not easier. Five intense hours with few breaks. The birth experience left me shaken, but not traumatized. I am glad to have had three home births, but am stunned when I think back at the memories. They are so hard. The adjustment to a new baby had subsided and life is easier again. At 8 months, Logan is a joy for each of us. Melody often says, "I am soooooo glad God gave us Logan!"

We now live in Fayetteville! We bought a foreclosure and are fixing it up as we live in it. I am excited to show some before/after pictures here. Nothing is complete yet, so the after pictures will be a work in progress as well. I am home schooling Melody for kindergarden. She is easy to teach. The difficulty of home schooling for me is the same struggle as everything else. Finding a routine, sticking to it, being disciplined, being organized. I tend to blame these struggles on our unfinished house even though I've always had these downfalls. I am striving for good days in the midst of the chaos. The good days are really good and keep me going down this road for now.