my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. As a (new) 32 year old, I don't expect my birthdays to be stellar. Yesterday blew my expectations out of the water.

The day began with Melody singing me Happy Birthday To You at the breakfast table. Her voice is so soft and sweet. At 10:00am we headed to town. (I hate it that I use that expression all the time. "Girls are you ready to go to town?" Ick.) Anyway, we drove to Renae's house for bible study time with Renae and Lauren, which is actually just talk time lately. We haven't been doing an actual bible study in long time. We mainly talk about our marriages, our emotional state, and we pray together.

Renae and Lauren remembered it was my birthday and had a decadent chocolate cake ready and waiting on the kitchen counter, complete with Reeses candies on top. We promptly ate three large pieces at the dining room table while the kids played in the out of sight playroom. A couple of hours later we headed to Cafe on Broadway, Siloam's finally successful small town lunch destination. Sweet amazing Harmony (the master mind of the restaurant) brought us two desserts on the house. This time Melody and Leah helped partake of the sugar. Leah ate cookie quickly, trying to keep up with Melody.

We got home just in time to crash into our beds for a nap. I slept hard for 35 minutes and then slipped out of the bed (Melody was next to me). I started some laundry and then doodled around the house until Beck arrived. She surprised me with a large coke from Sonic! More sugar! We sat under the twin ceiling fans on the back porch and caught up. We then spent 15 minutes decided which restaurant to celebrate our birthdays at. Her birthday is 3 days after mine and we always go out together to celebrate. So picture this: we're sipping cokes, talking about where to eat, and then she says, "Have you lost weight?" We instantly burst out laughing at the irony. I replied, "Not today!"

Fast forward three hours. Chad arrived home with orange gerber daisies, a card, and Milano cookies. Does anyone see a trend here? Basically, my birthday was one sugar wave after another. I was happy all day because there was never an opportunity for me to come down off the sugar high.

It was a terrific day. I felt very loved and peaceful. One treat came toward the end of the day. Leah was drinking a smoothie and Melody was in the tub. Thus, it was a quiet moment. The kitchen radio was on and my two favorite songs were played, one right after the other. The first was Blessed Be Your Name and the second was the hymn Come Thou Fount. I sang along and felt deep joy in those six minutes. It was like a birthday present from KLRC.


Rose said...

I am happy that you had such a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's to many more..

Lauren said...

I had a blast celebrating your birthday with you! I'm glad you had a great day. I do have to laugh though about "it was like a birthday present from KLRC" so cute. It sounds like one of those promo clips! I think you're great Bek!

the hamster said...

happy belated birthday, yo.

i'm stoked to chat up books over yonder with you all.

Laurel said...

So glad you had a good birthday - you deserve it! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun day - I loved it too! How sweet about the songs - you had just talked about those earlier. What a sweet God we have!
Love you - Renae
(First time I've been to your blog - really like it:)

Anonymous said...

Glad you felt loved yesterday...cuz you are! :) Can't wait for tonight...bring on Shogun's and Cold Stone, baby!!


Nikki said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!