some relief!

My mom is here today. She visits every other week. Today she is helping me retain some sanity. I'm hulled up on my bedroom. iTunes is playing loudly (to drown out the noise in the rest of the house). I have a painting spot set up in front of a window with the late morning sun pouring in. Coffee and water are within reach. I'm ready to create something!!!

I hope someday I can be the type of grandma that rescue's Melody and Leah in the midst of their crazy mommy/toddler days. I'm so thankful for my mom's help.... both emotional and practical. I only wish my MIL lived so close! She is an amazing grandma as well.


Laurel said...

Benji went to spend the night at my mom's last night and it was such an enjoyable evening. Thank God for moms. I feel bad saying I loved the evening without Benji but it's true. Are our toddlers normal or what??????

anna w said...

Oh, I'm so jealous (and I bet my mom is too)! Living far away from my parents is much more of a sacrifice now that I have a wee one.