me again

Where to start? After months of not blogging it's time to jump back in. Melody is a spunky three year old. Leah is 16 months. They play together everyday which brings me endless joy. I'm so happy when they entertain themselves in the playroom. Several months back we changed our office to a playroom. Now my laptop resides in our master bedroom, and all the toys are in the playroom. (At least that is the idea. Every few hours the living room and hallway become littered with stuffed animals and blocks. If I attempt to move them Melody pipes up, "But my bears are watching the MOVIE.")

Chad started a new job last week. He's working at a place that builds eco-friendly homes. He is excited to learn about new technology. Evening conversations consist of topics like solar hot water heaters and spray foam insulation. At the end of his first week he said he was looking forward to work on Monday for the first time in his life! This is music to my ears.

I'm excited to fulfill my stay at home mom duties again. For five months Chad and I have both been at home. While this arrangement had it's perks, it was difficult for me to find my role. I was torn between freelance design work and housework and cooking. I'm trying to use some tips from flylady.com to keep things running more smoothly. I'm trying to have a morning and an evening routine. So far the morning one looks like this:one or two loads of laundry (including putting the clothes away!), make my bed, and one major cleaning chore. The evening routine is: clean up kitchen so it's ready for the next day, make Chad's lunch, tidy living areas. These things probably sound ultra simple to those of you who keep a clean house without pulling your hair out. For me, this stuff isn't natural or easy. I'm excited because I think the morning/evening routines have promise. If I can maintain discipline to do these routines the majority of days, I know it will make a big difference.

Happy April!


Gow_spot said...

SOOO great!
Way to go Kotter!
I believe in you!

Sounds like you are all adjusting super well to Chadly being at the worksite...

AnnaW said...

So good to hear you're back :) I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life (it was fun to be part of it when you visited, too)! Let me know how the routine thing goes - I am pretty bad about sticking to a routine, which I'm pretty sure is tough on Bridget, even though she's an easy-going baby and doesn't show it all that much. So let me know, and keep us updated on any other tips as well! :)

Kelli said...

Congrats to Chad and his new job! I'm so glad that he likes it! That's a huge blessing! I know Nathan would love to talk to him about eco-friendly building. We almost put in one of those little hot water heater thingys. I should totally remember the name but don't. Chad probably knows. Anyway, it didn't work out but we may do it when our old one finally kills over.

Also, I LOVE Flylady! Nathan's mom sent it to me when she found it online. I only do the morning and evening routines and it's totally changed my house-wife-life. I especially like the 15 min. rule. Only let yourself tackle a big project for 15 min. a day. It helps you work quickly AND keeps you from overwhelming yourself with guilt and negative self-talk.