mel sayings

“Look mommy! Storm hay!”

Melody has been saying the funniest things. The above statement is referring to hail. She also says, “You’re right.” after I’ve spoken a fact such as, “It’s time to eat lunch.” Or, “You took a long nap!” Her tone carries authority as if she is teaching me something when she says it.

One time I was correcting Melody’s behavior and I said, “Melody. Are you obeying or disobeying?” She immediately responded in the exact same tone, “Mommy. Are you being nice or mean?” Her statement stopped me in my tracks and I lost all mommy momentum in teaching/correcting. How am I supposed to respond to that? Some days I feel like her little brain is sharper than mine.

She has begun to emphasize the word “so.” She’ll say, “Mommy, thank you soooooo much for my new toy.” Or, “Mommy, I’m soooooo sorry that happened to you.” She also loves to use the word disGUSTing. She’ll say, “Poop is disGUSTing!!!” She sounds like a teenager already.


Anonymous said...

Yay that you're blogging, Bek! I love to hear the stories of Melody and the crazy, new things she's doing and saying. Miss you like crazy...maybe we can hang this weekend!!

Love ya,

AnnaW said...

Hahaha! Oh, that's so adorable! Some days I'm so eager to hear what's going on in my little Bridget's head (I can almost see the gears turning sometimes), but mostly I just want her to stay my baby...especially when she hits milestones and I just know she's going to be all grown up so soon.

Rose said...

Very cute! When I tell my brother about my 3 year old's sayings, etc. he will describe his teens and I say "hey, there's not much difference..."