more thoughts on the leah honeymoon

Since I wrote yesterday's post, I've been feeling uneasy about my words. I did not explain my feelings about Melody very well. I do not want to leave the impression that I favor one of my girls over the other because thankfully that is NOT the case. They are both delightful to my heart. One of the coolest things about them is how DIFFERENT they are. Anyone who knows us, exclaims about their opposite dispositions. Perhaps this makes it easy for me to love them both with everything in me?

After I wrote yesterday's entry I was thinking about it more. I think the reason I'm having a Leah Honeymoon is because right now she is in a much easier stage than Melody. Leah is 17 months today. She is barely walking, not really talking, and fun fun fun. Melody is three and a half. Every second with Mel is an opportunity for lessons on obedience and cooperation. Discipline happens as often as eating and it WEARS ME OUT. Since Chad went to back work three weeks ago, I've had to step it up in the discipline arena with Melody. Even on a good day with Melody, it is work, work, work.

During it all, Leah slowing walks around the house, her tiny hands balled into kickboxing fists in front of her face. She is SO MUCH EASIER than Melody right now. I realize that every month is a phase with them and soon they will trade places. Soon, Leah will go to Grammy's house to make s'mores with grandad and Melody and I will have the time of our lives here together.

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cjoy said...

Coming from a mom of three:
Your words and feelings are so completely normal and to be expected. I think even in the first post you explained it just right. No matter what their personalities, you love each child 100%...wholly and completely and without reserve. At different times, one may be more difficult since stages do come and go--and possibly one will always be a more difficult child anyway. But that does not change how deeply you love them. You love them just for who they are.

It's perfect how God designed us. My heart is encompassed by my three little people so entirely that I am often in awe. The thought of how much love there would be with one more is a rather delightful idea! (Though that is still a ways off, I believe!)

Oh, I can't even find enough words to express it. You know what I mean. You've got two and your heart is just as surrounded by love.