What makes a good wife?

Being skinny?
Being a good cook?
Not nagging?
Fixing my hair?
Listening well?
Giving backrubs?
Mowing the yard?

Over the weekend we were at the InLaws house. I discovered a row of picture albums. I poured over the faded square pictures with rounded corners. Shag carpet and mini skirts to big hair and acidwash jeans. A youthful skinny couple in love to frazzled parents of four little kids. I drank in the pictures of my husband as a newborn baby. His perfect little baby body made me long for a baby of our own. Will our babies look like he did?

The pictures have stuck with me. We are in the very beginning of our life together. We've been married less than three years. I have confidence that we'll remain together, but will we stay happy? I want to be a good wife to him. The best. I want to make him the happiest man in the world. Like on our honeymoon when he whistled everything to the Bob Marley song, "I WANNA LOVE YOU AND TREAT YOU RIGHT."

The routine of life scares me. The 8 to 5 job scene creates a scripted conversation.
"How was your day?"
"Pretty good. How was yours?"
"Oh, the same."
"What should we do for dinner?"
"I wanna eat out."
"Me too. We should have leftovers."

How do we keep the mundane interesting?

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