Red fingernails.
Revlon Red to be precise.

I rarely paint my fingernails. Recently I found out my husband likes crazy bright fingernails. I am a comfort/convenience freak. I sleep in the same worn t-shirt every night because of it's softness. My nails are usually short and chipped. (Although they grow like weeds.) When Chad made the comment about bright funky fingernails I thought, "It it time for me to pay more attention to how I look." I got manicure for my birthday. My nails are shaped and pretty for the first time in ages. I had them use a bright lavender polish. Two days later it was chipped and peeling due to my cooking blitz on Sunday. While shopping for groceries I steered the cart the cosmetic department. I found the brightest red available. Revlon Red, baby! I'm surprised at the outcome... I like it! Chad loves it too. Now he wants me to get a mini-skirt. This could get interesting.

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