Let's take a test.
Cold pizza for breakfast is:

1. Breakfast of champions
2. Disgusting
3. So-so

This morning on my way out the door I grabbed a piece of leftover Pizza Hut pizza. (Veggie Delight with stuffed crust.) As soon as my husband saw the pizza in my hand he freaked out.

"You're going to eat that for breakfast??!! Gross!"

My instant reaction was,
"Don't think I'm gross! I'm not gross."

As the his pizza bashing banter continued my reaction changed.
"You're the one who is weird! Tons of people eat pizza for breakfast. COLD pizza. It's really good. Have you even tried it?"

As I drove away from the house I temporarily lost my appetite. Our little discussion got me thinking, "Am I gross?" Then I realized how silly that is. I simply LIKE pizza. That's all. I eyed the pizza, sitting on a napkin on the passenger seat. I smiled, picked it up, and took a bite. Mmm. It was perfect. Even better than last night at the restuarant, piping hot. By the time I was half-way through the piece I began craving a coke. I stopped at the gas station on the corner and bought myself a 20 ounce Coca-Cola Classic.

45 minutes later, here I sit at work. I am happy. This happiness is due to a few factors:

1. I enjoyed the drive to work with my car-pooling/coworker/friend.
2. The caffiene from my coke is kicking in.
3. It is almost the weekend (I've always like Thursdays for this reason).
4. Lunch will be free today.

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