rice & beans, day 13

Rice and Beans month is almost half way over. The second week was more challenging than the first, especially for the girls. They are really tired of eating Rice and Beans. The adventure has worn off. I am struggling to motivate them. I feel like I say the exact same thing over and over again. I feel strongly not to discipline them for not wanting to eat rice and beans. They did not choose to do this. We choose it for them. I understand that it is difficult.

We took the weekend off, eating pizza, ice cream and donuts with our friends. Everything tasted great. When Monday came, it was difficult to eat the rice and beans again. Mel and I had a conversation about how it is difficult to explain Rice & Beans Month to people. She said she was sharing about it with two boys her age. After she talked about it for awhile they just got up and walked away. I think this might have had more to do with their age and gender than with Rice & Beans month! But I have found the same thing. When people ask me why we are doing this, I struggle to explain it.

We have saved over 50% of our typical grocery budget. Our recycle container is practically empty and the refrigerator is sparse. The simplicity has been refreshing.

Next week is Spring Break and Melody will be home from school. I hope to do some reading and learning about Africa. Any ideas about materials for this?


Dan Holcomb said...

Hey Bek! Thanks for sharing - it's good to hear the highs, lows, and humor along the way. :-)

Are you interested in some recommendations for you and Chad - or for Melody and Leah? Are you interested in light-hearted, heavy, inspiring, colorful, or theologically challenging? And are you interested in any films? I could give you some good recommendations if you'd like - just say the word. Blessings to you guys.

Kelly said...

I'm really inspired by your ability to do this challenge with three children. I'm sure it's got to be incredibly challenging, but you're pushing forward for the sake of someone else's benefit. That's awesome.

Soaring High said...

Just came across this via facebook! I had no idea you were doing it too! This is our 3rd year and this year I've been terrible at keeping a record of what we've been doing. We started the month but I even forgot to order the book until a week ago. It was hard for my kids too, but we do only dinners instead of every meal. Any film recommendations that are child appropriate that you find...send them my way. I have several I know of, but only Luke and I have watched them. I know of 3 other families in the area that are doing this too and we are talking of having a potluck at the end of the month. All but one of us have young kids. If you are interested, let me know.

bekah said...

Dan - all of the above! I'll email you.

Gow_spot said...

you should skype with some one in africa. for her to "meet" someone her age in africa via skype?

i think dan is stateside right? maybe you could skype with him and "share a meal of rice and beans" together? how cool would that be for Mel to see some one else doing it and for her to ask him why HE is doing it?

color a flag from africa.

go on line and look up videos of african animals.

watch african songs or dances on line and learn one to sing for dan and whoever else you skype with.

fun! praying for Mel to "get it" and for it to be a great week together as a fam!

Dan Holcomb said...

Here's a list (I'd love to hear any other suggestions as well!

Books for kids
• The Great Cake Mystery - Alexander McCall Smith
• Wangari's Trees of Peace - Jeanette Winter
• One Hen - Katie Smith
• Beatrice's Goat - Page McBrier
• Papa do you love me? - Barbara Joose
• Jambo Means Hello - Muriel Feelings
• We all went on Safari - Laurie Krebs
• Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales - Nelson Mandela
• The boy who harnessed the wind - William Kamkwamba
• Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa - Uzo Unobagha
• Africa is not a country - Margy Burns Knight

Books for older kids and adults
• Rich Christians in an age of Hunger - Ron Sider (T)
• Radical - David Platt (T)
• Too Small to Ignore - Wes Stafford (T)
• King Leopold's Ghost - (H)
• The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
• Things Fall Apart
• The aWAKE Project
• What is the What
• The Poisonwood Bible (H)
• Cry the Beloved Country (H)
• The Hole in our Gospel (H) (T)
• Dark Star Safari (H)
• Emma's War (H)
• Whispered Prayer (T)
• The Lost History of Christianity (T)
• The Next Christendom (T)

Movies for Kids
• Babies (possibly) (N)
• Disney Nature: Earth (possibly)
• Africa The Serengeti

Movies for older kids and adults
• War Dance (H)
• Invisible Children (H)
• Sometimes in April (H)
• The Lost Boys of Sudan
• Hotel Rwanda (N) (V) (H)
• The Lost Boys of Sudan
• Pray the Devil Back to Hell (V) (H)
• War Child (H) (V)
• God Grew Tired of Us
• King of Scotland (N) (V) (H)
• Tsotsi
• A Closer Walk

Dan's Code (T) Theology, (N) Nudity, (H) Heavy content, (V) Violence
Most of these have been read, seen, or recommended by friends and family. But please double check them for content before checking them out from a library, borrowing, or buying them.