r&b day 3 & day 4

In the past few days I've been working the Rhea Lana Consignment sale nonstop. I have been crawling into bed around 1:00am each night after working with my Consignment Sale friends for 12+ hours in a row. We get kinda silly after the first 8 hours. During these sales, it is difficult to eat well. There is fast food, pizza, chocolate, and coke everywhere. We barely have time to eat anything at all. So, the Rice & Beans thing didn't go so well for me on Day 3 and Day 4.

I decided to take a break for Day 3 because I was going to be at the sale all day. I was successful in staying away from chocolate, candy and soda though. And I tried to eat moderate portions. On Sunday I ate chocolate and drank coke. :( The rest of the family did pretty well. The girls stayed with my mom for one night, and she commented that they have a completely different attitude about food already. She told Melody that she might join us next year. Melody replied with, "But Grammy, we just started this a couple of days ago, so you can join us this year!" Haha!


Rose said...

I have to commend you for doing this with young children! My kids are such fussy eaters that I can't imagine it and my fear of them becoming malnourished would win over. But, i like the idea and maybe when they are abit older we will try it.

Laurel said...

Over the weekend I told Shearn Yoong about your rice and beans month and the boys overheard. So out of the blue this afternoon Benji told me, "Instead of eating like the poor like Melody's family, we should eat like the rich for a month. We can eat clam chowder for a month."

Hahaha - I guess he doesn't quite get it yet.

bekah said...

Laurel, that is so funny! Did you remind him that we are the rich? :)

The Main Family said...

I love the absolute delight the kids have over "regular" meals. We incorporate one "celebration meal" per week and everyone is soooo happy & grateful. It's beautiful. Press on, Rebekah. The beauty is in the journey. Thankfully, no one is keeping score. You're doing great!!!