day 16 & a broken arm

Today was the hardest day of the month. I wanted to go out to eat so badly. I was craving a Chili's cheeseburger, fries and a coke!!! Last Friday Logan fell out of a high chair. I suspected his arm was fractured. The weekend went by and he was fine except for favoring it in certain situations. On Tuesday I took him to the doctor. She said it was sprained, not broken. Two days later, I still had a feeling something was wrong. Even though Logan was using the arm to climb, crawl, and play, he was favoring it while he walked. He'd hold the hurt arm against his belly and swing the uninjured arm wildly for balance. I took him for an x-ray today and it is fractured at the wrist. He has the cutest, smallest, black cast I've ever seen.

We spent a total of five hours in multiple waiting rooms. Logan was a champ. I had books, snacks, and toys and I worked hard at keeping him occupied. When it was over I was worn out. I felt emotional because it had been seven days since the initial injury. We finally got home and discovered the ice maker in the fridge had leaked water all over the kitchen floor! I wanted to go out to eat so badly. I even would have been delighted to have frozen pizza (two of which are in our freezer). I asked Chad what he thought. He said we should eat the left over Dal (red lentils) from yesterday. I agreed. We moped up the water on the floor, made more rice and we ate Dal.

When I have a hard day, my immediate response is that I deserve something good to eat. A mocha, ice cream, a burger, sushi, candy. The list goes on. After today's events, it felt unnatural to come home and eat leftover lentils. As absurd as it sounds, I felt like I deserved to go to Chili's. I am glad we didn't go out. We triumphed over something that has been ingrained in me since childhood.

Today we received the devotional made for Rice & Beans Month. It is titled A Common Meal. The words on the back of the book are good stuff. It says,

Encounter a table where feasting and fasting
intertwine, and let your love for the vulnerable
become as tangible as a bowl of rice and beans.

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Kelli said...

Logan looks just like Leah! Its remarkable! So sad that he fractured his arm. But I'm glad that you guys figured it out and you stuck to your mama instincts.

I am the same way with treats...hard days/weeks/mos. deserve good food. Funny that we reward ourselves that way. Perhaps because we can't afford to buy ourselves a new pair or Prada shoes? Yummy food is affordable to some extent. I hear what you're saying and I have the same struggle.