r&b day 2

This morning I was optimistic about breakfast. The plan was warm rice with butter, milk and sugar. It didn't go so well. Leah took a bite and liked it, but then was not able to swallow the bite for about five minutes. Weird. Melody forced herself to eat a few bites and then pushed it away. They ended up asking for bean burritos for breakfast! I ate a bowl of the sweet rice and about ten minutes later my stomach felt gross. Any tips out there on rice recipes for breakfast? We may end up making this Rice & Beans & Egg Month.

For tonight I have a bean soup simmering on the stove top in my beloved red Le Creuset. I was too busy to cook dry beans today so I did the following:

Sauteed 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 1 red onion in some oil. Add the following all undrained -- can of corn, can of green chilies, can of diced tomatoes, and can of rotel. Added 2 T chili powder, 1 t cumin, salt. Drained and rinsed two cans of beans - one red, one black -- and added them to everything else. It has been simmering for a couple of hours. We will eat this with tortillas and sour cream.

All of the canned ingredients were already in my pantry. We also already have sour cream. Toward the end of the month the meals will be more simply rice and beans, but for now I'm using what we have. We will also have cantaloupe with our meal.

Last night I went to bed hungry! I ate dinner at 5:30 and didn't go to bed until 1:30am. As I worked at the Rhea Lana Consignment sale late into the night, I was tempted to eat chips and candy. I kept thinking of our beautiful friends in Sudan and I'm proud to say I was able to resist the temptation of all of that chocolate! Maybe my entirely empty stomach this morning was the reason the rice didn't settle well.


Gow_spot said...

horchata. it is absolulely YUMMY.
i found this recipe on line...

but you don't have to make it cooled, strained and blended.
when i lived in mexico for that 6 week chunk we just made it on the stove and served it warm with the rice regular sized rice. so you would drink the sweet milk and then spoon the rice out.
you can also add raisins to it....
SUPER YUMMY both ways.

would make breakfast that much easier. cinammon, rice, milk and sugar .....warm and settles WONDERFULLY in the belly.

gotta sleep.. love you kotter

The Main Family said...

We've been alternating between rice pudding & baked rice (look up baked oatmeal & substitute cooked brown rice for the oats) Super yummy! Our family is praying for yours!!