rice & beans, day 1

We are eating Rice & Beans for the month of March. It's radical and we are excited about it. Each day we are driven by food cravings. Often after school I take the kids to Sonic during happy hour to get slushies. They ask for a piece of candy about five times each day. Sugar is true north in our home.

For the month of March we are hoping to refocus ourselves. We are going to attempt to eat rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our goal is to simplify our meals in order to save money and to join our brothers and sisters around the world who eat rice and beans all of the time.

Today has been Day One. I have to tell you that we had scrambled eggs for breakfast! Not rice and beans. Last night I didn't prepare and there was no time to make rice this morning. Eating scrambled eggs was a step toward simplicity for us. Typically each of us eats something different for breakfast. I am literally spinning around in the kitchen trying to prepare everyone's custom meal. Crazy, right? So this morning I beat 8 eggs in a measuring cup, scrambled them up, and served them to all five of us. There were mild complaints, but everyone ate and it was simple. Tomorrow morning we'll try some rice for breakfast.

We will also be eating fruits and vegetables. I told Melody that her after school snack would be a bowl of apples and carrots on the table when she got home. She said, "That sounds awesome!" For her lunches she has the option to pack a lunch of rice and beans or eat the school lunch. Before this month Melody never wanted to eat the school lunches. Now that we are doing rice and beans month she is happy to eat them! Her enthusiasm to eat school lunches and have apples/carrots for her snack are evidence of an adjusting perspective.

More to come!


Karen Akins said...

What a cool idea!!

Jenny B said...

I think we might try this sometime. Such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a neat idea! I can't imagine making different breakfasts for all of us (or lunches or dinners for that matter); we all eat the same thing here.

Just make sure that you don't serve white rice that often, and that you counter the effects of rice in your systems with plenty of water, veggies, and lettuce.

We do like to eat rice for breakfast or lunch on a cool day. If I'm making it sweet, I add raisins and cinnamon. For lunch, we open a can of field peas to serve over it. Soooo yummy! My kids' favorite lunch, actually.

Do you have a rice cooker? I absolutely LOVE mine! I had to have one after spending 2 weeks in Africa this summer. We had rice with every meal there.