baby gear goodbyes

Today I gave away several baby items. A lady at church sent an email to the congregation, asking if anyone had baby gear. I guess she's expecting a grandson in a month or so, and they don't have much yet. I gave Melody's swing, bouncy seat and infant car seat. I found the swing at a garage sale, and the other items were given to us. I figured we might as well give it away if someone else needs it, and we can find good deals again when we have another baby someday. (The car seat is already four years old, so it will "expire" in one year.)

As I loaded my station wagon with the stuff, a wave of sentimental memories came over me. I thought back to three hour swing naps, showers with the bouncy seat nearby, and miles and miles of car time with the red & black used car seat. I ran inside the house, grabbed the phone, and called Chad.

"All of the sudden I'm not sure if we should give this stuff away. Do you think we should keep it? Or am I just being sentimental?"

"You didn't like the bouncy seat, remember? Next time we'll buy one that bounces better." With sweet reasoning, Chad suggested we give it away because others need it right now and we won't use it again anytime soon. At least that's the plan.

It seems like everyone around me is having their second baby. I posted about this a few days ago. Since that post, two more people have popped up pregnant. Part of me worries that I'll get left in the dust and be the only mama with just one baby. This is silly, I know... maybe it has do with fear of being left out? But when I truly consider having another baby, I'm not ready. I am enjoying this time with Melody so much. I don't want anything to distract from it. Of course, if we turned up surprise pregnant again, I'd be ecstatic. There's something really different about planning out an event and God just handing it to you unexpectedly.


Ellen said...

Maybe next time you can talk Chad into buying the AQUARIUM SWING!

Laurel said...

Being one of those people who recently found out they are pregnant, I would tell you - I felt that EXACT same way 6 weeks to 2 months ago. Then something changed. It wasn't drastic. But I finally realized that there was more of me than I felt Benji needed exclusively full-time. Of course, there are moments that he still seems to need 200% of me, but I still see the trend that Shearn Yoong and I have enough love to share with another little one. (I never thought I would have extra love besides for Benji.)

Hannah. said...

Speaking as one of the folks who just had a baby. I can remember being what they call "baby drunk" from the time Ava was about 7 months to when we conceived Eleanor. Well, the party's over and now I've got a "baby hangover" haha. I know I want more children, just not NOW! Give yourself time, you will know when you are ready again. :) We will not leave you in the dust!