paper pile plea

I'm making slow progress in The Land of the Paper Piles. One wouldn't know it by looking in our office room, but there is a method to the chaos. First of all, I've created files for the monthly bills. Credit card, phones, utilities, bank statements, and freelance info. These categories take care of about 75% of the incoming papers. So from here on out, the paper pile should be smaller.

The thing that stumps me is what to do with all the misc papers. Random receipts, EOBs, car repairs, geez, I don't even know what they all are. All I know is, there is a HUGE pile at my feet that I have no idea what to do with. Maybe we're just saving too many documents. What do you save? What do you throw away? How do you file it? How do you keep up? I desperately want to be on top of this area of our lives, and I am closer than ever before, but I still need ideas for the overall system.

Help me... any suggestions?


cjoy said...

Well, I can't say I actually keep it up very well, but EOBs should get their own file for keeping a record of medical, and we do the same (theoretically, at least) for car repairs. As for the rest, I'm wondering, too. Blasted piles.

skylarkyblue said...

I keep a file for my car where i put everything relating to it, a file for my health care stuff, one for reciepts for big purchases that i need to keep, one for owner's manuals, and i keep general reciepts for about a year and then trash them all.