feeling good

This morning I feel good. Melody's napping. I'm wrapped up in my warm baby blue robe. I'm in the middle of a mug of hot chocolate made of Ghirardelli mocha chocolate powder. I didn't feel like coffee this morning.

Last night I taught my first class of the semester. I introduced the students to Illustrator. I was pleased to discover only a couple of them have worked in the program before. I think the kids will learn well though as they kept up well with the basics. Teaching them to use the Pen Tool is the most challenging. Those bezier control handles are just counter-intuitive. I didn't know how to explain it to them. I had them practice by trying to write their name in cursive with it. They did pretty good.

I have assignments lined up for the next four weeks, but I'm not happy with them. The idea is to give them a pdf or a jpeg file of an Illustrator document and have them recreate the artwork on their own. The current ones are outdated logos and illustrations. I think they'd be more motivated about learning the software techniques if I were having them create something more exciting. I plan to go to Barnes and Noble today. I will skim the new design publications, looking for inspiration.

I felt good after the class. Of course there are things I wish I'd done a little differently, but overall I was pleased. I slept really good last night, having it behind me.

Melody is so much fun these days. She shows us affection by leaning toward us with her head down. She touches us with her forehead this way. It is so sweet. She calls everyone, including me, daa-dee. She only says ma-ma when she's hurt, scared, or tired. She also says doggie and bear. While in San Francisco, we saw a huge horse in the street. She pointed and said excitedly, "Doggie!"

Her hair is long and wispy around her ears and at the nape of her neck. She has six teeth -- four on top and two on bottom. The front two are very large with a big space inbetween them. Her eyes continue to mystify us. The best way to describe them is dark green... almost hunter. She looks very much like her daddy, who also has green eyes.

I'm feeling good these days. I often forget to take my antidepressant. I don't know how much longer I'll stay on it. I think springtime would be a good time to try going off it. I am curious to see if I'm "better."

I'd better go use the rest of Melody's nap time to take a quick shower.


Rose said...

Wow. That is pretty great that you can forget to take your anti-depressant and not notice it. If I miss even one dose, I have side-effects that same day and I immediately know that I forgot. As a result, I RARELY forget.

AfricaBleu said...

Phew, I know how you are feeling - I just taught my first week of Freshman Comp II and breathed for the first time this afternoon.

Fun, but scary.