I've been reviewing some design stuff this week as I prepare for my next class. While looking through some old issues of Communication Arts, I found inspiration in articles about Paul Rand and Herb Lubalin. I stared at their logos and posters with fascination. Then I perused Michael Schwab's website as well as a few Charles S Anderson sites. I love the simple work of these designers. I like the bold, flat color used in Michael Schwab's stuff. He's the one who did the series of posters for Northern California sites.

Today my mom and I walked on the trail in Siloam. The day was bright and clear, the air cool and crisp; perfect weather for a brisk walk. Melody loved it. By the end of the walk she was jabbering excitedly. She moved her arms around as if she were a queen commanding the grass and the trees from her stroller throne.

One the way home she feel asleep and is still napping. I need to take her outside more often.

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beck, what's your new email? sky