wonderful saturdays

Chad and I have had two awesome Saturdays in a row. Last weekend we carved out time to spend the whole day together. We went out to breakfast and shared a large mocha with our egg sandwiches. Then we bought an eight foot Christmas tree. We set up the tree in the corner of the living room but ended up not decorating it because the branches needed to fall in order to hang lights and ornaments. The scent of pine filled the house as we misted the tree with water from a spray bottle. We spent the rest of the day playing games and taking it easy.

This past Saturday I woke up with a sore throat. Chad made me breakfast and hot tea with honey and lemon. Then we played Monopoly in front of the fireplace. He got the yellows by chance as well as three of the railroads. Because of this he would not make a deal with me; and he won! I think it was the first time he's beat me at Monopoly since we got married. He was pretty happy. We also played poker. Texas hold 'em, seven card stud, five card draw, deuces Wild. I had a few full houses. The trick was betting conservatively because Chad is fast to fold, being the cautious person that he is.

From time to time we'd talk about the baby and how soon she will arrive. We go for brisk walks in order to prepare my body for labor. Our neighborhood has quite a few Christmas lights. This is a fun time to be expecting a baby. I can't wait to hold her wrapped up in a soft fuzzy blanket.

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