I am having naming issues. When we found out we were going to have a baby I was excited to talk about names. Soon we had a short list of options. We decided on a boy name easily. Logan Hunter. We like Logan because it is unique, but not weird. I also like 5-letter names for some reason. Two syllable names are nice. We had a harder time with a girl name. Melody was on the list from the beginning. It was my favorite. After a few months we settled on it. A few weeks ago Chad said out of the blue, "Are you positive about the name Melody?" I had been wishy-washy as well so we began to reconsider. The problem is, no other names have jumped out at us. We are blank. We settled on Melody again.

I am still unsure though. Ellen and others love the names they've chosen and "know" they are right. I like the name Melody, but I don't love it. I wonder if she won't look like a Melody when she's born. Or will people mistake her for a Melanie her whole life? Maybe we'll have a surprise boy and the name thing won't be an issue. I thought about using Logan for a girl, but Chad feels strongly that it is a boy's name. I don't know what we'll do.


brian said...

I've always been really thoughtful on what i want to name our children. It seems like such a huge commitment. I want a good name that will be easy for people to say, spell, etc. It does kind of feel like I'm shooting for the least common denominator, though; and that isn't good.

brian said...

Just be smarter than Julia Roberts, she named her kids Phinnaeus and Hazel "because she doesn't like children," according to the Daily Show.

Anonymous said...


Here are some ideas to ruffle the feathers a bit name wise...



That's all I got. Hope it helps! :-)


bekah said...

Thanks Dan! You make me laugh. :) We've officially decided to wait until she (or he) is born to decide on a name. Some of the ones that we'll choose from are Kate, Grace, Melody, and Logan. We only have 4 weeks left!!!