Today is our 4th anniversary. I am happy. I love anniversaries. They are better than birthdays because they are about two people instead of one. I love celebrating marriage; it is a worthy reason to live-it-up a little. Our first two anniversaries we planned extravagant trips. The outtings were a disappointment, probably due to our high expectations.

The first anniversary we went to a place in Missouri called Big Cedar Lodge. We stayed in a deluxe suite for two nights. We had an unexplainable crappy time. We tried to hike, tried eating yummy food, tried playing games, tried taking pictures, tried everything... and just could not get into it. We were both in a weird funk and couldn't shake it.

The next year I planned an anniversary trip for us. We went to Kansas City and stayed in a hotel near the Plaza. I had been there several times before on research trips for my job. I wanted Chad to experience eating at The Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately it was the weekend before Christmas and we had to wait FOUR hours in order to eat there. The rest of the trip was centered around shopping, which I love. I had not thought things through very well though because Chad does NOT enjoy shopping. The premise of the trip was exhausting for him... people, shopping, waiting, concrete, traffic. Oops.

Last year for our third anniversary we decided not to go anywhere. Instead we simply went out to dinner, exchanged gifts & cards, and kept things lowkey. It was a success. Less is better sometimes. I dream of big anniversary celebrations for the big years of 5, 10, 20, etc. Someday I'd love to spend out anniversary in New York City. I hear it is an amazing place to visit at Christmas time. Of course if not careful that could turn into a bigger version of the Kansas City experience.

As for this year, Chad has some plans that I do not know about. I have a feeling we might be going somewhere nearby to spend the night away. My expectations are not high though -- I'm excited to simply relax and be together this weekend. I hope our Wonderful Saturday Trend continues. It is crazy to think that on our next anniversary we'll have an almost-one-year-old baby.

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brian said...

I like the idea of trading off anniversary planning. That sounds like fun. I know what you mean though about expectations kind of ruining things. I can tend to get worked up about expecting something to be huge and awesome and it can be disappointing.

This volunteer at my office just got back from Vegas with her husband. I guess they were a little disappointed. At one point they were watching sit-com reruns in the hotel. They don't plan on going back.