at home today

I am posting from home today. The house is dark. It is a rainy day. I have choice windows open in order to hear the rain sounds. My plan for today was to tackle the house. It's been weeks since the washer and dryer have been used and since the bathrooms have been cleaned. I decided a personal day was in order. Work can wait. (I'm so thankful for a job that makes it easy to take a day off. My previous job wasn't that way. I'd approach the big man with fear and trembling just to ask for a few hours off. The card company I work for now is all about family, priorities, and balance. I just say, "I'll see you guys on Monday. I'm taking tomorrow off." It is amazing.)

So the plan was -- I'd get up super early and tackle the house. Clean like a maniac. Hmp. 7:00 rolled around. Chad got up. I told myself, "I'll get up when he gets out of the shower." Nope. "I'll make him breakfast. No, he'll want donuts..." Chad said goodbye and headed to work. I stayed in bed. Finally at 8:30 I got up. I made half a pot of coffee and grabbed my laptop. I am happy to sit here in the dark, still waking up, listening to the rain. Who cares if the house doesn't sparkle. I am enjoying this time alone. The quietness is sweet. Life gets so loud and fast. People, people, people. I guess this is one of the rare days when I enjoy solitude. The need to be alone rarely hits me, although the older I get, the more I crave it.

My second cup of coffee is gone. It is time to clean. Thanks for reading!

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