the end of the conference

Here I am. At the AIGA Conference, in Vancouver, my new favorite city. I am sitting in convention center Hall 1. The mainstage speaker has on HUGE glasses like the ones I wore in 6th grade, 15 years ago. I don't understand.

The conference has been a disappointment to me. The word "sustainability" has been the center of each speech and event. I have no problem with the environmental agenda, but I do not understand what it has to do with graphic design. I was hoping to see examples of design inspiration -- logos, book covers, magazine spreads, posters. Instead I've listened to bio-chemist talk about the population levels of foreign countries and philisophy professors talk of the ethical implications of the latest scientific experiments. I am not inspired. I am depressed.

The trip has been a success though. I am here with two design-friends. We have explored Vancouver together. Our discoveries have resulted in much inspiration. Specialty paper/card shops, funky shoe stores, a metal furniture store, Granville Island's former industrial district, temperate rain forests, the Pacific bay, harbors full of boats, wonderful coffee, the Rockies, and multiple restuarants have brought brightness and wonder back into my job. I am grateful for the opportunity for such inspiration.

Thanks to Brian (one of the design friends) for working out my html bugs. I am excited to continue posting on a regular basis. Apologies for the laspe between posts.

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