snack city

I am thoroughly caffeinated this morning. I awoke at 5:00 in order to prepare for class tonight. I drank coffee and listened to Nora Jones as I worked. It was dark outside. The quiet state of the house was nice. It is time to begin teaching the second software program. This 5 week section will be the most challenging. I feel more prepared for this class than I have for the others. We will see.

Bible study was last night. I was in charge of snacks. Sunday I stayed up late making them. (See: blue bowl incident in the previous post.) Monday afternoon we squeezed in a Walmart trip for last minute items. We arrived at bible study 15 minutes late, stressed because we had the food. My arms were full, my cotton shirt wrinkled, my hair in my face. I walked into the amazing home with the highest ceilings I've ever seen. The kitchen counters were full of cupcakes, chips, cheese dip, homemade cookies, sodas and hot dogs. Elaborate autumn ceramic bowls and plates held the food. I had difficulty finding a place for my plain-clear-glass-casserole-dished items. My blue Walmart sack looked odd in the immaculate kitchen. I would not have signed up for snacks if I had known the hostess was going to serve enough food to feed 30 people.

The bright side:
We have lots of leftover bean dip and peach crisp to eat.

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