fast week

It is already Wednesday. The week is flying.
My positive attitude and motivation are waning. I came back from my trip so high. It didn't take long for the combination of lack of sleep and the pressures of work & teaching to push my emotions over the edge. Last night Chad and I sat in a corner booth at our favorite local mexcian restaurant. He drank horchata (a sweet rice drink) and I nibbled on chips. He listened to me tell about my day. As I neared the end of the day's events tears starting falling. I dabbed my face, careful to avoid the new nose ring. He listened and held my hand across the table as I went on. When I finished talking and crying he prayed. Usually his prayers are super short -- one or two lines at the most. But his words lasted longer last night. He asked God to give me strength, confidence, and hope.

Today has been a little better. I recognize and appreciate the good things in my life.
The trick is balancing the good stuff with the things that drive me crazy. I am learning. Tonight is going to be all about home, the couch, the fire place, leftovers, and just BEING.

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