I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. My husband and I stretched the three day weekend into a four day trip to Panama City, Florida. We went to visit my husband's childhood best friend, E. He is a fighter pilot in the Air Force. He's a bachelor and lives in a house on the water with two other pilots. They're conversations are full of military acronyms and fighter pilot lingo. It was captivating to listen to them talk.

At one point E said, "I have so much job satifaction flying the F-15 that if someone offered me 5 million dollars to do something else, I'd turn them down." Chad and I feel slightly different about our own jobs.

The four days were relaxing. It was perfect timing for us to get away. We've been incredibly busy for the past 6 weeks. Funerals, side jobs, home stuff, everyday duties, work, and on and on and on. I know everyone understands. When did life get so busy? we don't even live in a big city! How did this pace get ahold of us?

Back to the trip:
We slept in.
We spent time at the beach.
I read an easy girl novel.
I got a mild sunburn.
We ate out.
We went to the movies.
(We saw Open Range. The scenery was spectacular. I want to live in Montana.)
We watched tv.
We witnessed an amazing thunder storm.
We had Krispy Kreme donuts. (With coffee.)
We hot tubbed under the stars.
We held hands and kissed.

It was a wonderful weekend. I'm thankful today. I'm preparing for another class tonight. Last night was sleepless, dreamful, and restless. The cat bothered me until 1:00am when I finally got up to read and pray. I read a chapter in the new testament. It was my first time to read my bible in weeks. The words were familiar and boring, but they helped me get sleepy. I put the cat in the garage, turned the AC down 2 notches from the normal 77 degrees to 75. I finally slept. Although I woke again at 3:30 and slept anxiously until the alarm beeped at 5:45. Here I am at work, with the remains of an iced mocha from my fav coffee place. I treated myself this morning cause I 'deserved' it.

Catcha later!

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