Here I am... after over a week of no blogging. This lapse of time seems to be a trend in the circle of bloggers I know. Life is full. Blogging is not a necessity. I have been juggling too many other plates to include blogging in the mix. Now I have a few minutes of spare time so here I am...

Let's see what has happened:

Chad and I helped some friends move to a camp last weekend. It was awesome to get out of town. We enjoyed nature and being together. We had things to talk about. We dreamed about the future. We came back home depressed because of our jobs. We try to be content, but we're not satisfied. We want to be somewhere else. Ecaudor? The Buffalo River? Montana? My fear is that I'll be discombobulated at any of these other places, too. Where do we belong? What is our purpose? At least we have each other. This fact is a comfort.

I haven't written in over a week and I still don't have anything to say. The number one things on my mind lately are:

1. I hate traffic.
2. Flylady.net is helping me with me house.
3. My friend is having a baby and I'm jealous.
4. I'm dreading teaching my class tonight... it's getting worse.
5. I am in the mood to watch television.
6. I want to shop.
7. I think I need to exercise.
8. The weather is perfect. (This pisses me off cause I'm in a office ALL DAY LONG.)

This list is totally boring, so I'm stopping now.
I write again when there is something to say.

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