This day is better. I am finally out of my funk. Probably because it is Friday. I didn't want to turn into one of those people who lives for the weekends. But here I am, singing the weekend song....

I am also happy because one of my work friends is going to have a baby. I eat lunch with two girls everyday, E and S. We go to E's house to get away from the office. For months E and I have been talking about babies babies babies nonstop. S, on the other hand isn't so keen on babies. She is on the pill. E and I are not. Guess who ended up pregnant? S of course! She is shocked, overwhelmed, giddy, and excited. E and I are estatic, overjoyed, and amazed. I am not jealous or envious in any way. This lack of darkness is a pleasant surprise. This is the right time for S. (Even though she's only been married for three months!) Of course I still worry. Questions pop into my head almost everyday.

"......If S got pregnant on the pill, and I haven't gotten pregnant OFF the pill, what does that mean about my body? Is it working? Will we end up adopting? Will I be an old parent.......?"

Despite the never-ending questions, I am happy. I am happy to be part of S's life right now. I'm happy to fill her water container with purified H2O. I'm happy to go maternity shopping with her. I'm happy to hear about how she's feeling and to hear about her name ideas. (She's sharing her ideas with us! None of that secret stuff.)

I am also happy because Chad and I are spending this weekend in Dallas. We're helping our friends move. The friends who I love. The ones from college who I feel 100% comfortable with. I am excited to work hard helping them move, clean, arrange, organize, and be in a new home.

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