fathers day

Father's Day this year was low key and fun. We started the day by skipping church. This might become a Mother's Day/Father's Day tradition for our family. (We did the same thing on Mothers Day.) We started the day early, with Leah waking up at 6:15. I brought her back to our bed and she nestled under the covers with us until 7:00, dozing and waking repeatedly.

For breakfast I made a blueberry coffee cake. The recipe came from Krsitin, who always wows me with her kitchen skills. (She was a food science major!) Chad likes sweet things for breakfast, and we're getting tired of canned jumbo cinnamon rolls (after 5 years). The coffee cake hit the spot. It has lots of brown sugar and butter in it.

For a gift, I wrapped a glass hummingbird feeder with Melody's artwork. I do this often. Sometimes I wrap packages that are to be mailed to friends. I think it would be fun to receive a bright, juvenile, wacky package like one of these. Who knew easel paper could be so much fun.

The rest of the day has been delightfully slow and relaxed. Happy Father's Day, Chad! You are wonderful.



Laurel said...

We skipped church too and it was a good thing. We were going to have to leave early to go take the train ride in Springdale. In the end a low key day was perfect for us too. All four of us went to bed with smiles on our faces - which makes a daddy (or a mommy) happy. Glad you had a good day. I will be trying your recipe for coffee cake this week sometime. Yum! :)

Kelli said...

What a great idea to wrap gifts in easel paper art work! That fantastic! I hope I remember that when Eli's into coloring. But definitely, the easel paper is key! I've been planning on getting some of that for a while now. Just not the time yet for Eli to fully appreciate it.

Also, it's fun to see pics of Chad and Leah...they look so much like each other. :) cute.