visiting illinois

One good thing about being unemployed is that we have a lot of free time. Last month we spent ten days in Illinois with Chad's family. During the trip we visited Grandpa Randy and Grandma Cindy twice. They live on a farm that has been in Chad's family for several generations. Chad and Chelsea spent many summer weeks here during their childhood. Daily trips to Dairy Queen are tradition around these parts.

Chad found a 50+ year old tricycle in the barn. It was his mom's when she was little! Here's Melody coming down the lane.

Leah liked chasing Mel in a circle.

Chad decided to help Leah have more fun. She didn't agree with his idea.

We also spent time with Chad's dad.
Here his he is with the girls...


Gow_spot said...

wow leah is soo big and her hair is sooo long!

thanks for bloggin kotter! i love it!

did ya'll keep the trike? what a GEM! and poor lil leah! i can soo relate to being the youngest and being pushed or pulled around... =)

Rahel said...

il? did you come to chicago?????

bekah said...

Rahel - No, not Chicago. I wish! We were in Springfield.

Laurel said...

love the trike

cjoy said...

I so love the pics of your girls here!! They look so happy and carefree (well, except Leah in that one...).