lil' brother graduated!

My brother, Chris, graduated from John Brown University last month. It was a happy day. He studied Construction Management (same as Chad) and worked hard to put himself through school. He amazed me by the small amounts of sleep he tortured himself with. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning a lot my freshman year, but after that I got at least six hours a night most of the time. Not Chris. I think 3am was his typical bedtime. I have no idea how he did it. He's in Colorado working at a camp this summer, and we are missing him. His weekly visits were our excuse/reason to make homemade chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis. Congrats Christopher!

Here's the whole happy family.

This is Jim Caldwell, the main Construction Prof at JBU. Jim has been a great friend to Chad since we graduated 10 years ago. I rarely see Chad laugh as often and as hard as when he is interacting with Jim Caldwell. You can see Chris is laughing also.

After the ceremony my dad took the family out to Shogun's in Fayetteville. (Thanks Dad!) Melody and Leah used chopsticks for the first time. Goldfish snacks. Do they eat those in China?


Ashley said...

You and your brother look so much alike!

Lauren said...

aww... I'm sad. Where is he headed in the fall? Also, I believe they do eat goldfish snacks in China... they make everything in China- don't ya know! :)
What camp is he working at?


Laurel said...

the way you guys had the chopsticks for the girls is a great way for kids to use them... builds self-confidence

bekah said...

I don't know the name of the camp he's working at, but its the same one Jason Knott worked at years ago. Chris has committed to working their two summers, and he's not sure what he'll do in between. He might stay in Colorado or he might travel internationally.

I was nervous the girls were going to poke their eyes with the chopsticks. :)