swim lessons 09

This was our fourth year to have swim lessons. Even still, the week wore me out! Swim lessons are a lot of work. I like the sun. I like the water. I like being with my kids. I like leaving the house. Put it all together, and you get one tired mama and two tired kids. Maybe its the long list of things to remember... swim diapers, sunblock, water, snacks, towels, changes of clothes, regular diapers, hair up, swim buoy, goggles... Forget one and things start to unravel quickly. Like the day Leah pooped hugely in her swim diaper 20 minutes into our water-baby lesson. (I was in the water with her.) Changing that diaper was like trying to clean up an oil spill. Impossible. Swim diapers are great, but can someone please invent a way to make it less of a mess when they POOP in them?

Here's Melody using the kick board with her teacher, Heather Fedosky. We've known the Fedosky's for five years now. (!) They go to our church and I was delighted to discover Heather was Mel's teacher.

Mel jumping off the diving board! I have to admit, I was very excited and proud. I clapped and squealed each time she jumped. I remember the first summer I jumped off a diving board. What a thrill! I love her smile in the picture.

Leah and I sitting in the shade during Mel's lesson. This was Melody's first year to be in a lane class. There were four kids in her class and two teachers.

Here are Heather and Melody posing after the last class on Friday. Melody has started using a posed smile; gotta love those.


Gow_spot said...

i love it!
i love ya'll - love that ya'll are doing swim lesson and love that you share in the DISASTER of swim diaps! =)

your girls are too presh kotter.

Kelli said...

Yeah, I thought that was the whole point of swim diapers?? They are required at our mom and tot swim time. I thought that was the very reason (to hold in the poop) but apparently not. Bummer.

bekah said...

Kelli - The swim diaper did hold the poop... it held really well in fact. So well that there was poop smeared over poor Leah's whole midsection. It is the wet skin/liquid poop under drenched diaper/swimsuit that makes it so horrible. (Wet wipes work; one needs a garden hose to clean it up!) But the goal of keeping the poop out of the pool is successful. I might try some cloth swim diapers. I had some when the girls were tiny, but haven't bought anything like that in a couple of years... are you still doing cloth?

bekah said...

Oops I meant to say wet wipes DO NOT work.

Emily said...

loved reading about swim lessons. We've all been there!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't believe I met another Arkansan! And I'm an avid Razorback fan. I live in Mountain Home, about 2 1/2 hours from you. I love the pictures of your kids and especially precious little Logan! I've subscribed to your posts, so I hope you'll write often. May God bless you.