time, snot & exercise

Very boring post ahead. I've vowed to stop trying make each post a masterpiece, in hopes of writing on a more daily basis. Therefore, you're about to embark on a boring, regular, everyday encounter of my life....

I can't believe it is already February. For that matter, I can't believe it is 2006. The older I get the faster time goes by. Sometimes I panic because the days flip by so quickly. But I guess that means life is good. It is in pain that days drag on and on.

Melody has had a runny nose for over two weeks. She's not sick in any other way. She is definitely teething. Evidence is buckets of drool and constant hand chewing. We've been isolated from our social circle because of the snot. This group of moms is really good about staying away when sick or borderline sick. I apprecaite this and want to respect in the same way. But, I miss the interaction! I think Melody misses it too. Her 7th and 8th tooth just broke through yesterday, so hopefully the snot will stop now.

Yesterday I exercised for the first time in about two months. My friend, Laura, and I went for a brisk walk. Then we did crunches and fire hydrants. (Ouch) It felt really good. Chad found out yesterday that it looks like we'll be going on a four day cruise with his company in mid March. Of course this is great motivation for exercising. The question is... is it enough motivation to actually DO something on a regular basis? I hope so.


laura said...

you know you have a walkin buddy anytime you want with me!

Laurel said...

Poor little Melody - I miss you and Melody too.

I remember when Benji was sick I missed 2 playgroups and I started going bonkers!

The cruise sounds like FUN!

Kristin said...

We can totally understand the snot. Molars are soooo rough! If Ian doesn't clear up soon, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take him to the Dr. We were sad to have to miss playgroup today as well!

As for the exercise, I'm trying to be more consistent, too. Ian will only let me exercise for about 30 mintues. :)

BTW - I think even in your "boring" blogs you write absolutely poetical! I only wish that I could. Have a great day!