duvet insanity

What's the deal with Duvet Covers? I recently bought one at Target. It is labeled as a size full/queen. It was on clearance for $15, so I purchased it for our guest room. After arriving home with it, I realized I don't have a comforter to put inside it. Argh. For the past few weeks I've been searching for an inexpensive comforter to use with the blasted duvet cover. Here's the catch... full/queen sizes differ! The duvet I have is 86 x 86. I have yet to find a comforter this exact size. What am I suppose to do?? Who thought of duvet covers anyway? It's like the equivalant to a slipcover. Everyone knows that for a slipcover to look GOOD, it costs as much as an actual couch. What's the point in that? Why not just buy a new couch?

Here's my question... can I make my own filler for this new duvet cover I have? If so, what should I use? The thing with going this route is, I know I'll end up spending more money on the insides than I did on the cover! Not to mention my time. Simple projects never turn out simple.

For instance, when I was pregnant I made a ribbon mobile for Melody's room. I saw the idea in a Martha Stewart Kids magazine (very cool publication, by the way). I bought a medium size embroidery hoop and tons of ribbon. I cut the ribbon into 20" strips. Then I draped the strips over the hoop, creating a ring of dangling colorful ribbon. I used double stick tape and glue to make it all stick together. I had to return to Hobby Lobby three times to buy more ribbon in order to make the thing look right. I ended up spending over $20 on it. Looking back, I don't regret it because it turned out really cool and Melody loves it. But when I started the project I thought it would be a fun way to make an inexpensive mobile. (My parents ended up getting her a Winnie the Pooh mobile, so the ribbon creation hangs over the changing table.)

With that said, are there any duvet suggestions for me? Thanks!


Sarah said...

Request a full/queen comforter for Christmas and rest your mind.

cjoy said...

Personally. . .I loathe duvets. We currently have two in use, but only the twin one works b/c it's flannel and the thin QUILT I put inside is also flannel--they stick to each other. The one on my bed however, has down inside and slides around like crazy. I love the look of it, but will gladly exchange it for the perfect quilt someday. . .(real comforters are way too hot for us).

Guess I'm not much help! haha!
Good luck.

sheryll said...

You are the only one who would ever know that the comforter does not fit the duvet perfectly! (well, until you wrote about it on this blog!) We have cheap, thin comforters in ours. With those clips that go in the corners that clip the comforter inside the duvet and keep it from slipping down.

Your mobile sounds cute!

jomasmom said...

Could you maybe get that batting that they use to make quilts with? I am sooo bad about seeing a cute idea and thinking " hey I can make that" then it ends up costing me way more than if I had gone out and just bought it. Good luck on your move.

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Ellen said...

try T.J. Maxx

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Superchikk said...

Really, I think duvets were the coolest bedcovering item ever invented. You can strip it off and wash it, while the comforter stays clean and fluffy.

I had an old comforter in my first duvet - it totally didn't match anything, but once you have it inside, who cares?

I also use the little clips to hold the corners and keep it from sliding around. They're awesome.

Anonymous said...

You bought a duvet cover, then took it home and realized you didn't have a comforter to put inside it. Then you went ahead and stressed yourself out trying to figure out what to do with it when all you had to do was return it.

cassy said...

Hi - I just got a duvet for christmas and I need a duvet cover - what are these clips you are all talking about that keep the duvet from sliding around? what do they look like? Thanks!