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The move is looming. Six days. We have a rent sign in the front yard. So far, we've received two inquiring calls. We're nervous because we've never rented to anyone before. We thought about having a Property Management Service take care of it for the first year. They charge 10% of the rent price. We had two services come look at the house. Neither of them impressed us. After their visits we were left with the feeling, "We can do this ourselves." We hope to have the house occupied by November. Any advice?

The garage has turned into Box Land. One side is piled high with heavy, labeled, sealed boxes. The other side has lopsided stacks of empty boxes, waiting for me to get busy. Today I'm tackling the Laundry. We usually have a steady basket of dirties waiting. I am the type who does a load here and there, never getting to the bottom of the basket. (Proof that we have too many clothes.) Today I decided it would be nice to have everything clean for the move. That way I can forget about laundry for a couple weeks and focus on unpacking the new house. Do you see why the house is a backsliding scenerio for me?

In other news I'm now five little pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. For me, the saying will be more like, "Nine months on, 11 months off." I'm wearing my old clothes, which is awesome. They don't fit quite like they used to, but I'm happy nonetheless. I am delighted to not be wearing the DD bomb bras anymore.

Melody is nine and a half months old. She scurries around the house, crawling army-style. She proudly cruises alongside the couch and coffee table. I see lots of bumps and bruises in the immediate future. Each day she is stronger and more coordinated. She grabs handfulls of cheerios (3) with vigor instead of apprehension. I think she tries to say "bear" when holding her stuffed animals. Is sounds like, "Baaa." I've been video-taping her more lately.


Sarah said...

Hi Bek,

I'm here to testify that y'all CAN handle the rent house yourselves. Barry and I have been handling our rent house for years, and I handled it alone before we married. It's easy. Especially since it's a new house without all the hassles of plumbing problems and such. There are contracts on the internet you can print and have them sign. And they should pay for the plumbing bill if they flush something big down the commode! :)

Love ya

bekah said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sarah!

sheryll said...

Ah- I had noticed you have lost weight, it shows in your face. But I did't want to say anything in case I was wrong and you would think I was just being nice! It's so great to fit in your old clothes, isn't it?

Never rented a house so no help there!

bekah said...

Thanks, Sheryll. It DOES feel good to be in real clothes again.