long pauses

When I don't blog for awhile it is because there are big things happening in my life that I am not sure how to communicate in a post. Well, here goes....

I'm pregnant!!

I found out about two weeks ago. I've been on cloud nine every since. I have taken home pregnany test many times before. They always turned out negative resulting in a depressing few hours of self pity. Until last Monday night. I realized I'd been feeling weird and began to wonder if it could be. By the time I got home from work it was all I could do but run to the bathroom to test. I was home alone and when both pink lines appeared I lost my breath. I fumbled to open the directions of the test to make sure two lines meant what I thought it did. Positive! I let out a joyful bubbly laugh as my brain spun with disbelief. Could it be???? Chad came home a few minutes later and I told him the news.


I nodded and he gave me a huge hug. The next 20 minutes we exclaimed and smiled and exchanged many "I love you's." Then we went to our favorite Italian place for dinner. As we ate I smiled each time I remembered why we were celebrating. Baby. Pregnant. Girl. Boy. Nursery. Stroller. Baby. Smile. Big smile.

We were planning on waiting two more years before we had a baby. God had other things in mind. I'm so glad!!! It's easier this way. Now we don't have to say, "Okay. We're ready. Let's start a family." I like the way God made the decision for us.

I am only 5.5 weeks along. The baby is the size of a sesame seed!!! It's heart is already beating. I can't believe I am in so love with something as tiny as a seed. Right now we have a due date of January 6th.

I'm so happy!!!!!

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